Dice UP the Classroom Episode 5: What’s the Word?

*Note* I apologize for looking down in this video many times I was dealing with an injured neck.

I always get asked why the U and the P are capitalized in the UP in Dice UP the Classroom. The UP stands for: Unconditional Passion. After all, Dice UP the Classroom is about finding your unconditional passion in education and bringing it out in your students. Now, many say that’s an abbreviation but it really isn’t. While most people know an abbreviation usually, but not always, consists of a letter or group of letters taken from a word or phrase to shorten it. UP is actually an acronym. Acronyms are regarded as a subgroup of abbreviations formed from the initial components in a phrase or a word. Usually these components are individual letters or parts of words or names like UP or in a hashtag or in a message and email. Words are very powerful and even a single word can have several meanings in it and words can motivate students and teachers to create and learn in many ways and in this episode of Dice UP the Classroom I’m going to show you just some of the ways you can turn a word into something truly magically in the classroom. So, get ready to find out: “What’s the WORD?”
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