One Last App Dice Roll

If you have been following my Instagram feed, you will see I rolled one final App Dice set as I prepare for my final day on Friday. I like to share App Dice Rolls to see what others can come up with. I ended up receiving a few replies that asked what I could create with a random roll. So, let’s look at our Apps: Stick Around, Thinglink, Pyonkee and Periscope.
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My Final Stick Around Puzzle for now

You are probably reading the title and going: “What?” A week from Friday, I will be turning in my iPad and laptop and saying farewell to an amazing school that I have had the honor of working with over the last three years.With that said, my home iPad that my son uses is a Generation 1, and I will not be able to use Stick Around on it and I do not know at present when I will have my hands on a more current iPad to continue to my work on my favorite App. I’m currently still seeking employment and still haven’t found a match yet. However, something funny happened this past weekend when I was busy putting down accomplishments over the last five years and that’s when it hit me. Create a Stick Around Puzzle of what you have accomplished. Too many times our students or ourselves get hit by the hardships that come with life and we don’t see the good in our days. Sometimes, we have to look back to and see how far we have come and what we have accomplished.
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Teachers Pay Teachers with Stick Around for the One Device Classroom

As next week approaches faster, I was asked by a few teachers if there was a way to use Teachers Pay Teachers with any Apps on the iPad since they only have one or a handful of iPads to use. I told them that they could use it with Stick Around by Tony Vincent and Explain Something that I and my fellow classroom teachers have used the last few years are templates from Teachers by Pay Teachers can easily be used on the iPad. Most templates come in PDF to JPG or PNG format. Once you have downloaded your … Continue reading Teachers Pay Teachers with Stick Around for the One Device Classroom

10 lessons and 10 Resources to teach students how to tell time

I remember being around my son’s age and learning how to tell time. It was easy to learn the difference between 1 PM and 1:30 PM but it took me a while to learn what a quarter after meant or half past meant on an analog clock. In this day and age of digital time many students really don’t know the terms how to correctly tell time. Shocking but true and we as educators are looking for ways to teach students the classic way of telling time but trying to figure out how to do it digitally too. Well, have no fear, Ryan is here to give everyone PK-4th how you can teach you students time from classic analog to dicing it up with digital tools.
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There is Good in any Bad Day

The school year draws to a close and while we all look forward to some rest and getting excited for our plans for the next school year we do reflect on the previous year. Well, I have a problem and it has been on going for almost five years now. You see, every time I get close to end of the school year something likes to happen to me like clock work. There seems to be that day where all the bad you can imagine just wants to show up. Its true, I can go back in 2010 and everything … Continue reading There is Good in any Bad Day

Fly like a Bird

Today marks the end of my Get Outside Edu lessons and projects and I saved the best for last. A couple weeks ago, my kindergarten and PK kiddos started their spring to summer crafts. They are big users of Aurasma and QR Codes. Later this week my students are going outside to do research on the various birds in the area and do iMovies about the birds they see and why they are their favorite. I thought it would be great with Grandparents’ Day coming up to augment their reports for their parents and grandparents to see. 1. This is … Continue reading Fly like a Bird

Comics in the Classroom: Matt Murdock Fact from Fiction

Beginning my Comics in the Classroom lessons. I use the Apps, Stick Around, Thinglink and Twitter to create this Teach like a Pirate lesson about the difference between Matthew Murdock a.k.a Daredevil from the real world. Continue reading Comics in the Classroom: Matt Murdock Fact from Fiction

I move to the beat of my own words

Hello Everyone, You know I just love it when my favorite App, Stick Around ends up being used in a way I didn’t expect. Last night I was at a conference with Karen Carter and she was talking about moving towards your own digital experience before long I was thinking about my dissertation which I will be writing soon. I am using Stick Around in my research starting this fall and one of my 1st graders was pretending to the be the Flash this morning. I asked him if he ever thought about the words that describe him moving as … Continue reading I move to the beat of my own words

From Kickstarter to Teach like a Pirate

Greetings Everyone, We now go from my Kickstarter book promotion to a Teach like a Pirate lesson. Outside of my book promotion, I have also been painting the ceilings in my house the last few days and as a result, I came up with some great Teach like a Pirate lessons along with some Tech like a Pirate lessons you can perform in the classroom from IOS to Google Apps. 1. Have students do searches for Kickstarter projects that interest them and see where they are in funding by days and money. Have students create their own projections on if … Continue reading From Kickstarter to Teach like a Pirate