Word Cloud your Favorite Apps into inspiring pieces

With the Emoji classroom wrapped up and the school year about to start, I wanted to introduce this great idea for your students and your classroom. Earlier this year, I was introduced to the App, Wordfoto. This great App turns any photo into word clouds composed of 10 words that are no longer than twelve characters and can even use emojis. It was a big hit over at iPadpalooza in Texas this July. I was also introduced to the App, Word Swag by Tony Vincent and Felix Jacobin at The Mobile Experience 2015 back in June. A great App that allows you to overlay words and phrases in exciting ways to create infopics and posters. Something I’m doing this year is having students post one of their favorite things they love doing with certain Apps on my Padlet board this year and I thought to myself: “Why not turn this into something awesome.”

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The World is full of Emojis

After my vidcast yesterday, I wanted to bring the Emoji Classroom to a close for the month of August with these two great ideas you can use Emojis with your students. The first is a different take on filling an emoji in to a place. Instead of using a picture of say a table and setting it up using items like: ☕️🍮🍴. Trying make a daily verb exercise, like the first one with the emoji being allergic to flowers. This can be done with any overlay app such as Skitch to Pic Monkey. The other is showing the online resource, … Continue reading The World is full of Emojis

Small Hope Rewards Update

Happy Monday Everyone, We are only $111 from being 50% backed, that is fantastic, we are really on track in getting Small Hope funded. I just updated the rewards section, if you are a $30 backer you will not only get the Audiobook but also signed hard copy of Small Hope along with the PDF, Digital Movie, bookmark and stickers. Also, here is one of our awesome wallpapers you will get. This one I used for a promo poster but I know about three kiddos who are looking forward to getting one on their iPads soon. Continue reading Small Hope Rewards Update

My Stick Around Surprise

Hello everyone, I don’t know what is going on in your district this week but this is our last full week of school. Next week will be finals for us and then graduation is the following Friday. The end of the school year is here, that feeling of both joy and sadness. Last Friday, my fifth graders were sad to know that in another week there wouldn’t be a Genius Hour for them any more which they found to be upsetting than their final report. However, my kids decided to surprise me on Friday with several projects and I was … Continue reading My Stick Around Surprise

Running with Pages of Evernote

Hello Everyone, I’m pulling double posts on this Tuesday morning and I’m going to kick it all off with a great App Dice Apple Watch roll. I have two seniors who just recently received the Apple Watch as an early graduation gift and Wednesday is our annual Track & Field Day. We are planning a lot more PE Tech activities with iPad and GAFE in the fall and I thought we would do a great test since we are big users of Evernote in middle school and high school so I rolled by App Dice and look what I came … Continue reading Running with Pages of Evernote

I move to the beat of my own words

Hello Everyone, You know I just love it when my favorite App, Stick Around ends up being used in a way I didn’t expect. Last night I was at a conference with Karen Carter and she was talking about moving towards your own digital experience before long I was thinking about my dissertation which I will be writing soon. I am using Stick Around in my research starting this fall and one of my 1st graders was pretending to the be the Flash this morning. I asked him if he ever thought about the words that describe him moving as … Continue reading I move to the beat of my own words