Small Hope Info Pic Collection

Over the last few months, I have been creating constant infopics for Small Hope for promotion of the book on Kickstarter and sending inspiriting words to others. Above are the 22 I have created over the last few months using Pic Collage, Over, Skitch and Fonto. Please support Small Hope on Kickstarter. Advertisements Continue reading Small Hope Info Pic Collection

Trying to create Big Hope from Small Hope

Happy Friday Everyone, As you can see, I’m talking about Small Hope again. I am nearing the end of the first week with Small Hope in a few days and if you been following the Kickstarter you can see I only have nine backers and only have made 4% of the needed funding goal. I will admit it is very discouraging, I remember when I first did My Life as a Comic Book Reader, I was having the same problem. The difference was, it jumped to almost double what Small Hope is now by the end of the fifth day … Continue reading Trying to create Big Hope from Small Hope