Freedom of Choice App Dice

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I was looking over Educlipper and Pinterest this morning when I came across students using Cross 10 models. For those who don’t know, Cross 10 is a math numbers game set up where you have a numbers board. A student or teacher moves a cut out cross template and takes those numbers and does something along the ten model, such as addition, subtraction, division, ect. The exercise is meant to give students a more random access for numbers that they choose and that’s when it hit me. We have these same models with Dice Templates like my App Dice.

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One Last App Dice Roll

If you have been following my Instagram feed, you will see I rolled one final App Dice set as I prepare for my final day on Friday. I like to share App Dice Rolls to see what others can come up with. I ended up receiving a few replies that asked what I could create with a random roll. So, let’s look at our Apps: Stick Around, Thinglink, Pyonkee and Periscope.
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Emoji Classroom Periscope Videos

I have been on Periscope with live tutorials this summer and my latest two focus on the Emoji Classroom. The first lesson is creating a Stick Around lesson using Emojis with facts about insects based around a picture of a beautiful sunflower from Cousin Sarah’s garden. The second Periscope is a digital lesson created on the fly with my new App Dice that is then created for both students in Elementary and also Middle/High School using Google Classroom and Seesaw using App Emojis to create the lesson basis. Enjoy. Continue reading Emoji Classroom Periscope Videos

The App Dice Olympics

The school year has come to an end once again and with it the end of my Genius Hours for my students. After many sad faces, I decided to do a type of classroom olympics with my students. Many years ago when I was in elementary, three of my teaches loved to do a type of academic olympics with my classes. They would do everything from sentence games to vocabulary relays. My fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Larson who I will be talking a lot about in my book next year, Dice UP the Classroom focused on our book report themes over the course of the school year. We had puppet shows, hanging mobiles and yes, even letters to friends. Funny how twenty-five years later her classroom lessons stuck with me the most. So, I held the first App Dice Olympics. The App Dice Olympics were centered around my various App Dice and made into games between the classrooms where the final two would compete for the Platinum Minecraft Torch. Here is how it went:

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How Explain Everything went from in the back corner to the front of my iPad

Hello Everyone, Today I wanted to share a story because you know I love to tell stories. Once Upon a time, there was an App called Explain Everything. This App was to create great screen casting with your iPad and make videos and allow you to export them to other cloud based programs or Apps. Well, when the App first came out, this once young intern at a public 3-5 one to one iPad school checked it out with a few of my teachers and we didn’t have the easiest time with it. We decided to table it for the … Continue reading How Explain Everything went from in the back corner to the front of my iPad