Taking the Five for Five Challenge

Hello Everyone,

I hope the new school year is off to a great start. I am heading into my fourth week of the school year and I’m pretty excited for what I have coming up this week. I’m taking the Five for Five Challenge. The #Five4Five Challenge is an initiative created by fellow educator and author Michael Matera (eXPlore like a Pirate) who encourages others to commit to doing one new-to-you (often creative) endeavor each day for five straight days. This isn’t my first #Five4Five Challenge. I did my first one this past summer when I reviewed Run like a Pirate by Adam Welcome. I reviewed and blogged about Run Like a Pirate each day and how each chapter resonated or challenged me through the reading. I had never at that point ever tried to do something like that before. Sufficient to say, it was truly amazing. I picked up a new level of reading enjoyment and applying the book to not only my classroom, but also my life. The last couple of weeks, I have been trying to figure out what a Five for Five Challenge should be for me this school year and I found the answer right in Kids Deserve It, also by Adam and Todd Nelsoney and a sticker from Tisha Richmond from her upcoming book, Make Learning Magical.

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My student’s Learn Like a Pirate about Baby Animals Stick Around Genius Hour Project

One of my first graders for their final Genius Hour wanted to know if she could make a lesson just as fun as Mrs. Andre or myself. Well, after toiling away on Pic Collage, Google Search, National Geographic free pics and about an hour on Stick Around. She came up with this great lesson on baby animals because she loves baby animals especially how they are both different and yet similar. We finished it up by putting linking the baby animal Pic Collage with Google Drive in Thinglink. Give it a try. If you have a problem the direct link … Continue reading My student’s Learn Like a Pirate about Baby Animals Stick Around Genius Hour Project

A picture is worth a thousand inspirations

This weekend I was visiting my nieces out in Glenview, they live in a beautiful area of town and on Sunday I took an early 3 mile run. During my pace walks I saw just gorgeous visuals as I moved along and snapped up as many as I could. We all know about inspiration quotes or inspirpics (Inspiration Pictures) or infopics. You can read about them over on Tony Vincent’s website Learning in Hand Infopics. I’ve been into inspiration quotes for a few years now using App such as Pic Collage, Over, Phonto, FrontBack, Keynote, Thinglink, PowerPoint, Google Docs and … Continue reading A picture is worth a thousand inspirations

Stick Around for the New Year

Hey Everyone, Did you hear? Stick Around by Tony Vincent and MorrisCooke is free from December 15-16th. That’s right, this great educational App is free! If you didn’t know, Stick Around is my favorite App, I love using it to create puzzles, blue prints, mind maps and more. The App was sadly overlooked as one of the best Apps for 2014 but that doesn’t mean it can’t be one of the best Apps for 2015 and I’m here today to give you a few ideas to use it in your classroom from SAMR to Teach Like a Pirate. 1. Firing … Continue reading Stick Around for the New Year

Stay warm with some SAMR App S’mores to Drink

We’ve all seen the SAMR coffee model created by Tim Holt. Where he described the SAMR Model perfectly with Starbucks coffee. Now that winter is upon us, I thought this was a great time to do my App S’more for making a great cup of hot cocoa you can share and create with your students. 1. Have students talk about how they love their hot cocoa or chocolate and what they have in it. Next have students create what they believe to be their ultimate cup of hot cocoa and add the recipe to a Google Doc. 2. Next using … Continue reading Stay warm with some SAMR App S’mores to Drink