A Reflection a Year Later

It’s funny, Labor Day use to be a time I either enjoyed the day off, visited some family members or spent time with my own. However, a year ago, Labor Day marked a very different moment for me. It was when I was about a week away from my over three year position at Christian Life from ending. I remember waking up in the morning and saying to myself: “What is going to happen?” I had a few interviews, but nothing had materialized as a result. I was pretty much finished cleaning off my old files and turning over all … Continue reading A Reflection a Year Later

The Office Remodel Part 1


The other day I said I was going to start remodeling my office to be more inviting to students and staff alike. While I planned on doing this slowly over the next few weeks. As they say, time waits for no man and I ended up getting an earlier start due to an accident occurring during some regular checks, such as my entire shelf collapsing (don’t worry, I’m OK). So, after a few hours of moving, cataloging, archiving and a few other things here is the start to my remodel.

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I is for Innovation


IMG_8233  As we enter the middle of February, its time to we move onto the I in Build like a Pirate. The I stands for “Innovation”. Innovation in my honest opinion is one of the biggest factors when it comes to teaching. As long as I can remember and I’m taking back to the days when I was four and had my old pre-school teacher explaining what steps were needed to build a wired flower there was innovation involved. Something that defines creativity is you are making something out of nothing. When you try to solve for X in algebra you are creating the solution to a problem no matter how basic or advance. When you are working out a strategy to score a goal for floor hockey in PE you are creating a plan of attack. No matter how you spin it, creativity is one of the main fundamentals of teaching and learning for teachers and students. However, when the word “creativity” is spoken sadly we always hear: “Its easy for you, you are very creative.” How many times have you heard this or have even muttered it under your breath. I don’t think there is one professional or paraprofessional who hasn’t heard this phrase. The biggest problem with this saying is that it is a double edge sword. The first part is the person it is said to is being hit because just because they show creativity doesn’t mean they haven’t had multiple times of things blowing up in their face, great ideas that fell completely flat or they didn’t learn from their own failures. Then the sword goes the other way and hits the person saying it because they have just hurt themselves thinking they aren’t good enough.

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Confessions from an Author


If you read my previous post, I talked about three great books to add to your classroom with: Explore Like a Pirate, The Zen Teacher and The Innovator’s Mindset. As many of you know, I wrote two books myself, My Life as a Comic Book Reader. A self-autobiography and Small Hope, a children’s story about a small visitor from another world who brings hope back to a family. Much like the three books I mentioned by Michael Matera, Dan Tricarico and George Couros, my two books were created through experience. My Life as a Comic Book Reader was about my life and how comics played a very large part of it and Small Hope was about my former guinea pig, S’more and how he helped me through some horrible times and made me believe in better days ahead.  Continue reading “Confessions from an Author”

Small Hope is Here

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 8.14.25 AM
Today, I am happy to announce that my second book, Small Hope is now available on Amazon and Kindle. As many of you know, I held a kickstarter this past spring to get the funded to see the book published but the story of Small Hope started many years ago, seven to be exact. In the spring of 2008, while I was still dealing from broken promises, job lost, debt and more. One of my guinea pigs, S’more was struck with a internal infection that he later died from. I was so heart broken that I got on my computer that night and in an hour, I had written a story I titled, Small Hope. It became the most viewed, commented and shared post on my old blog that week. Over 80 comments in fact. I even had some posters make some original illustrations of the characters and had them sent to me. Seeing this, I filed the original story away on my computer until late 2012.
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A Long Journey for Small Hope

Greetings Everyone, This is my last entry until after The Mobile Learning Experience 2015, which I will be presenting at in Arizona this week. Many of you saw on my social networks, especially if you were a backer that Small Hope, my second book made funding on Saturday. In doing so, the book will now be able to be published and will mark the conclusion of a seven year journey. Small Hope was written in one night seven years ago this coming Thursday after my guinea pig, S’more passed away from an inner infection. I was so heart broken by … Continue reading A Long Journey for Small Hope

Why Small Hope needs to be published


Thirty Days can go by quick and twenty three days can go by faster. I’m in the final week of Small Hope, my second book on Kickstarter that I am trying to get published. Since relaunching the project last month, I have created over twenty-five classroom lessons, over twelve promotional shorts and over three hundred shares on all of my networks from Twitter to Frontback. To say it has been exhausting is an understatement but to see that I am only $160 from full funding proves it has been worth it. However, I’m still $160 from being fully funded. Many ask me why I do it outside the usual: “Follow your dreams.” Many who do kickstarter, GoFund Me or other crowd funding websites either have major success or major let down. Trust me, I’ve seen some book projects get almost half a million dollars and many backers are still waiting on their product. Then I’ve seen some who only need to raise less than $500 and have amazing projects. Just like any investment, you spin the dice. I will admit, over the last five years I have yet to have ONE disappointment in backing a project I have believed in. I have backed: Makey Makey, Molly Danger, Hello Ruby, Passion Planners, both the Reliques albums and more and never once have I said: “I wasted my money.” Sadly, I can’t really back any right now outside the second volume of Molly Danger due to finances. Something I am getting tired of talking about and I know many of you want me to talk more about education lessons with tech. Especially since that’s what I love doing, its my niche but writing is something that I also found a niche in. I was the kid up until I was 14 who hated to write. Was constantly told I couldn’t structure a story by many teachers or “had no original ideas.”
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Only 8 Days left to get Small Hope funded

With only eight days left and the book 85% funded, I am pushing to get Small Hope funded more than ever. Waking up this morning on the official first day of summer break and seeing how close the book is to being a reality just made me feel great. Even better the last few backers are wanting commission work by Destiny and as you can see above, she is really rolling out her A game. It’s now or never, if we believe we can achieve. Please support Small Hope and see it become a published book. Continue reading Only 8 Days left to get Small Hope funded

The Goal today is to get Small Hope 100% Funded

Hi Everyone, You read right, I’m dreaming big today, I really want to see Small Hope funded before today is over. That means finding enough backers to raise the final $230. That’s not a horrible number to get and I’ve seen many kick starters do it in less than twelve hours. Please help support Small Hope a wonderful story about two friends, one who lost their world and the other who had their world shattered who found hope again. Its ready to go in all digital formats from eBook to the student film my students worked very hard on. All … Continue reading The Goal today is to get Small Hope 100% Funded

New Reward Level added to Small Hope Kickstarter

Hello everyone, I received a few requests if there could be a barebones reward that would include two copies of the book with PDF. I am happy to say I have been able to add this reward to the kickstarter. If you pledge $45 you will receive two signed copies of the book along with the PDF and bookmark and your name will be listed in the thank you section. There are only 10 days remaining. We have gained two new backers but are still $282 from our goal. We can do it, believe that we can and we will. … Continue reading New Reward Level added to Small Hope Kickstarter