Book Reviews of: Teaching Land, Lens of Serendipity & Hacking School Libraries

In the first of my Summer Reading Book Reviews, I review Though the Lens of Serendipity by Allyson Aspey. Teachingland by Amanda Fox and Mary Ellen Weeks and Hacking School Libraries by Kristina A. Holzweiss & Stony Evans. I give all three books 5 Stars and I hope you pick them up for your summer reading. Advertisements Continue reading Book Reviews of: Teaching Land, Lens of Serendipity & Hacking School Libraries

Having Productive Reflection

The Polar Vortex came down from the north and did something to many towns and many schools. It cancelled school. Yes, many of us found ourselves at home with our families as we waited for the call clear from our school district to return to our regularly scheduled classroom. While these many cold days were filled with trying STEAM challenges, writing, and dissertation work, something amazing happened from a voice from my past, one of my former podcast members.

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The past couple of weeks, I have been dealing with a large amount of writer’s block. It happens to all of us, you are just trying to string together a set of ideas and no matter what, it just won’t go from your head to your finger tips. In fact, I was planning about six blog posts the last couple of weeks and couldn’t come up with anything outside of: “hello”. No really, that’s all I could get out of my head. I even tried to do a vlog and that was just as much of a disappointment as anything. So, I just focused on some lesson plans and projects I have coming up, but still nothing. Then this weekend, the family and I headed to NIU STEM fest and not even three steps in I saw it. Albert Einstein created with dominos using. Immediately I had ideas brewing and after visiting a few notes I had taken for Computer Programming this Spring I remembered Erintegation’s Coding with Text Art: ACSII.¬† Continue reading “LEGO ASCII Coding”