Making Reviewing Magical with Pear Deck

This past weekend, I received my copy of Make Learning Magical by Tisha Richmond. I pretty much dove into this book late Saturday Night and read it along with my morning Coffee on Sunday after my bike ride. Just wow! As you know, I did my Five for Five Challenge last week using tips from Tisha and book end each day with books from DBC Inc Publishing. I have started using Pear Deck this semester after my district purchased the site license for all teachers. I have been using Pear Deck in two of my main classes and stated branching off into my other two. I decided I was going to introduce Pear Deck as one of our new Reviewing for our Unit Test and boy was it a success. Here is how: Continue reading “Making Reviewing Magical with Pear Deck”


Talk to Me Chapters 16-18 and Part 3 Review

Happy Friday Everyone,

I hope your week has been great. Today I am wrapping up Part 2 and Part 3 of Talk to Me by Kim Bearden. These will be pretty quick reviews of the chapters, but they are important as well.  Continue reading “Talk to Me Chapters 16-18 and Part 3 Review”

Talk to Me Chapters 7-10 Review

It’s Wednesday and it’s time to jump back into Talk to Me by Kim Bearden. Moving into Part 2 of the book: Applications and Complications. As Kim states that no matter what, complications happen in life. It is important to develop awareness of additional factors that will create obstacles in life. The next few chapters talk about the most common scenarios that can happen and make communication difficult.  Continue reading “Talk to Me Chapters 7-10 Review”

Talk to Me Chapters 1-4 Review

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is kicking off the week on a great note. I’m about to start my room set up for the school year. Can you believe that school starts for most of us in just over a week? I’m pretty excited about this school year and starting the Pixel Classroom with my students. Just before I am caught in the hustle and bustle of setting up my classes, I would review, Talk to Me by Kim Bearden. For those who don’t know, Kim is the co-founder of the Ron Clark Academy and long time educator. I have mentioned her several times on my PLN as I have read Move your Bus by Ron Clark and The Wild Card by Hope and Wade King talked about Kim’s involvement. Kim’s book is about talking with others. Not just students, but also with parents and staff. Talk to Me is broken down into the 6 Principles of Effective Communication. Similar to how I reviewed Run like a Pirate by Adam Welcome. I am going to do the same with reviewing Talk to Me by chapters. So, put on your Red Converse Shoes and walk this way.

Continue reading “Talk to Me Chapters 1-4 Review”

Run like a Pirate Chapters 46-Conclusion Review

The time has arrived, yes, it is the final day of my daily book review for Run Like a Pirate by Adam Welcome. It’s funny, yesterday when I was looking over the chapters trying to get my words together to really bring these reviews for Run Like a Pirate to a great conclusion. I of course looked over several of the quotes in the book trying to figure out the right one, but then I went on Instagram. Adam had posted about you have to go out and do things and he believes you can do it. So, that’s what I’m going to do. Let’s get on with this final review of the book. Continue reading “Run like a Pirate Chapters 46-Conclusion Review”

Run like a Pirate Chapters 39-45

Hey Everybody!  I’m fresh from a run and feeling the review spirit in high gear for Run like a Pirate by Adam Welcome. First of all, I’m going to have to reveal an embarrassing situation today. Last night, after having a pretty good Monday. I went to bed feeling pretty good. I woke up to the sound of the garbage truck pulling up our street. I sprung out of bed and ran. I forgot to pull the bins to the end of our drive way. I open the garage door and ran them to the front, but I had missed the pick up. I was planning on bringing the bins to the curb when I went out for my run this morning and did not expect them to be so early (they usually aren’t around our house until about 2 hours earlier).  Even more, my wife had woken up earlier and started laughing at me the whole time and then she goes to get a cup to start the morning coffee and then realizes I didn’t soak one of the containers from her parents being over last night. Talk about double whammy and then I got a talk about forgetting to put an appointment on the calendar. So, yeah, not how I intended to start the morning. So, I put on my running outfit, had my water and banana and out I ran. Leading to where we are now with starting with Chapter 39: The Big Apple.

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Run like a Pirate Chapters 31-38

It’s time to Celebrate Monday everyone, with reviewing Chapters 31-38 of Run like a Pirate by Adam Welcome. Yes, we are nearing the end of my chapter reviews for the book, the finish line is starting to show. However, remember it’s a marathon not a sprint. The learning is part of the journey. Let us begin. Continue reading “Run like a Pirate Chapters 31-38”