#DBC50Summer Reading

  Summer is here, like many educators, we look at the days of the 3 other Rs: Refuel, Recharge, and Read. Summer was always a time of reading for me, … Continue reading #DBC50Summer Reading

Teaching your Way

As the first semester draws closer to an end (6 weeks for me). Teachers reach that moment where they start to reflect on their classroom teaching or the 90 Day … Continue reading Teaching your Way

How Teach like a Pirate changed my practice as an Educator

  It was April of 2014, I was just a month and a half from completing my second year at Christian Life Schools and something happened. I felt burnt out. … Continue reading How Teach like a Pirate changed my practice as an Educator

The Office Remodel Part 1

The other day I said I was going to start remodeling my office to be more inviting to students and staff alike. While I planned on doing this slowly over … Continue reading The Office Remodel Part 1

March Madness Bracket Coding

March Madness is here again and so are everyone’s favorite brackets. Now, everyone knows that brackets are set up to show what teams are playing who and the winner of … Continue reading March Madness Bracket Coding

Creating that 20% Innovation Time

Welcome to the middle of the week where starting today I’m going to be talking about how you start your various classroom creations. Today, I’m talking about getting your own … Continue reading Creating that 20% Innovation Time

Teaching with Peanuts

No, not Charlie Brown and the Gang but you can. I’m talking about every day run of the mill peanuts. Of course if you stop by the Fisher’s factory a … Continue reading Teaching with Peanuts