Exit Tickets made Awesome

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I was talking with some friends this weekend who were also teachers and they were asking me about what I plan on going to next since I’m currently looking for a new position. I told them I have some potential places but nothing yet. They then said that if I ended up in their area that I needed to show them some different assessment apps or tools. Well, I quickly took out my iPhone and showed them Plickers.

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Emoji Classroom Exit Tickets

Its Wednesday, and usually the middle of the week brings on both the good and the bad during the week and why the term, “Hump Day” came about. It was late yesterday that my wife, Melissa was working on her new Nerium business (warning you now if you see me sharing) that her friend’s older boys came to play with our son, Tyler. After a couple of hours, the older boys wanted to play some games and I asked them if they had ever played Kahoot? The younger brother jumped in the air, he loved Kahoot but the older brother … Continue reading Emoji Classroom Exit Tickets

Running with Pages of Evernote

Hello Everyone, I’m pulling double posts on this Tuesday morning and I’m going to kick it all off with a great App Dice Apple Watch roll. I have two seniors who just recently received the Apple Watch as an early graduation gift and Wednesday is our annual Track & Field Day. We are planning a lot more PE Tech activities with iPad and GAFE in the fall and I thought we would do a great test since we are big users of Evernote in middle school and high school so I rolled by App Dice and look what I came … Continue reading Running with Pages of Evernote

I calculate a sticky situation

Happy Monday Everyone, If you were watching my twitter feeds on Friday you can see I made some new App Dice around the Apple Watch. A good friend of mine is an early adaptor of the Apple Watch and another friend of mine already has a hand full of students with them. Well, I rolled the dice with my Comics in the Classroom theme today and do I have a fun App Smash for you. 1. Set up a group of questions on Plickers. The question set? “Why do Super Villains commit crimes?” Give the multiple choice of answers from: … Continue reading I calculate a sticky situation

Plicker my Super App Dice Adventure

In a week I will be at Ed Camp Chicago talking how to Tech Smash like a Pirate. Where I integrate technology with Teach like a Pirate and Learn like a Pirate hooks and lessons. I decided to tease everyone this morning with the above picture of a Plickers die along with my App Dice. So, how does this work you may ask? Plickers is a great formative assessment using cards you can print out after you sign up for a free account on their website. After you have set up a classroom and assigned the card numbers to students, … Continue reading Plicker my Super App Dice Adventure

Plicker, Plicker Pumpkin Picker

Hitting the midway point to the Pumpkin Tech Smash this week, I’m doing a very simple but elegant Tech Smash with Pumpkins using Plickers. 1. Download and set up your Plickers account on your mobile device. 2. Set up your classes and student ID numbers and print our Plicker cards and laminate them. 3. Take a group of pumpkins and┬áput the student card numbers on each one. 4. Now, create a quiz with Plickers and have students answer each question. 5. The top student who answers the most right picks their pumpkin. 6. Each pumpkin is assigned with a specific … Continue reading Plicker, Plicker Pumpkin Picker