The Office Remodel Part 1


The other day I said I was going to start remodeling my office to be more inviting to students and staff alike. While I planned on doing this slowly over the next few weeks. As they say, time waits for no man and I ended up getting an earlier start due to an accident occurring during some regular checks, such as my entire shelf collapsing (don’t worry, I’m OK). So, after a few hours of moving, cataloging, archiving and a few other things here is the start to my remodel.

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I is for Innovation


IMG_8233  As we enter the middle of February, its time to we move onto the I in Build like a Pirate. The I stands for “Innovation”. Innovation in my honest opinion is one of the biggest factors when it comes to teaching. As long as I can remember and I’m taking back to the days when I was four and had my old pre-school teacher explaining what steps were needed to build a wired flower there was innovation involved. Something that defines creativity is you are making something out of nothing. When you try to solve for X in algebra you are creating the solution to a problem no matter how basic or advance. When you are working out a strategy to score a goal for floor hockey in PE you are creating a plan of attack. No matter how you spin it, creativity is one of the main fundamentals of teaching and learning for teachers and students. However, when the word “creativity” is spoken sadly we always hear: “Its easy for you, you are very creative.” How many times have you heard this or have even muttered it under your breath. I don’t think there is one professional or paraprofessional who hasn’t heard this phrase. The biggest problem with this saying is that it is a double edge sword. The first part is the person it is said to is being hit because just because they show creativity doesn’t mean they haven’t had multiple times of things blowing up in their face, great ideas that fell completely flat or they didn’t learn from their own failures. Then the sword goes the other way and hits the person saying it because they have just hurt themselves thinking they aren’t good enough.

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Confessions from an Author


If you read my previous post, I talked about three great books to add to your classroom with: Explore Like a Pirate, The Zen Teacher and The Innovator’s Mindset. As many of you know, I wrote two books myself, My Life as a Comic Book Reader. A self-autobiography and Small Hope, a children’s story about a small visitor from another world who brings hope back to a family. Much like the three books I mentioned by Michael Matera, Dan Tricarico and George Couros, my two books were created through experience. My Life as a Comic Book Reader was about my life and how comics played a very large part of it and Small Hope was about my former guinea pig, S’more and how he helped me through some horrible times and made me believe in better days ahead.  Continue reading “Confessions from an Author”

My Top 20 Comic Book Apps and how you can use them in the Classroom


The wait is over, here are my Top 20 Apps for making Comics in the Classroom. While a large list all of these apps work great by themselves or together from PK-college. I will put my Top 5 first and then go from there. Enjoy.

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Will Not, Cannot Give Up on Small Hope

After almost five days, Small Hope received two new backers pushing us to the $500 mark. Leaving only $2,000 left before May 2nd to have the funds possible for publishing the children’s book. I am so thankful for the advice and new backers who told me not to give up. Trust me, I was feeling very low but I wasn’t going to pull the plug by any means. Something I have learned the last few years is when it looks grim, you have to ask for help. I received some wonderful advice from fellow backers and of course my wonderful … Continue reading Will Not, Cannot Give Up on Small Hope

Trying to create Big Hope from Small Hope

Happy Friday Everyone, As you can see, I’m talking about Small Hope again. I am nearing the end of the first week with Small Hope in a few days and if you been following the Kickstarter you can see I only have nine backers and only have made 4% of the needed funding goal. I will admit it is very discouraging, I remember when I first did My Life as a Comic Book Reader, I was having the same problem. The difference was, it jumped to almost double what Small Hope is now by the end of the fifth day … Continue reading Trying to create Big Hope from Small Hope

Inspiration arrives from a letter by Comic Book Legend Steve Ditko

Just after New Year’s I decided I would write a letter to legendary artist and Spider-Man Co-creator, Steve Ditko. I wrote out the letter in February and mailed it out and today I received a reply. My Original Letter was: Dear Steve Ditko, How are you? I am writing you today because recently I had my first book published, which was a type of autobiography on what comic books brought to my life. As a comic book reader for many years, Spider-Man has held a special place in my heart and I remember seeing my first Spider-Man book, which was … Continue reading Inspiration arrives from a letter by Comic Book Legend Steve Ditko

Avoiding Burnout in 2015

The New Year is here, 2015 marks a new beginning and a new semester for most educators. However, the start of a New Year can also lead to a situation I was a part of when 2014 started, the beginning of Burnout. Now, many saw that in early 2014 I was in high spirits, I was starting to put together my ideas that soon became App Dice and I was coming up with monthly themes using iPad, Google Apps for Education, Makey Makey and more. Then I was hit by what I call the “Hat trick”. In May, my wife … Continue reading Avoiding Burnout in 2015