The Maker Board

The new school year is beginning and many teachers are looking for something that will inspire creativity in their students and also build on lessons. Do you always notice that no matter what teachers seem to decorate up their white boards, with colorful signs, agendas for the day and so forth. It starts becoming background noise. In fact, originally blackboards that later transitioned into whiteboards and Smart Boards. Were meant to not just be information to show students, but to be interactive for students to not only show knowledge, but be interactive with the classroom. That seems to have fallen to the side a bit these days and turned into just a glorified bulletin board. That’s all sight and no real interaction. So, on that note, let’s introduced the Maker Board.

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Gaming to Coding Learning


From Bubble Ball to Sphero Edu

The last few days, I have been reunited with my friends and students at Tech Wizards, which is our local partnership club that brings technology introduction to our students. They are the group that we are partnered with for our Sphero rental. In the last two weeks we have been playing with KEVA Planks and trying to not only have our students create, but also learn how to mash-up with other tools. Despite some awesome Explore like a Pirate and Teach like a Pirate ideas my students were going through. They looked at me, and went: “Mr. Read, what else can we do with these?” It didn’t take too long for me to put in a little Play like a Pirate, Sphero Edu and more into some fund lessons and projects.


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Building the Odyssey in Mario Maker


As many of you know, I have been creating and making Perler Bead badges for my staff and students the last few weeks. On the other side, I have been making various characters and art pieces for my family and friends using perler beads. Its become a fun and exciting hobby for me as of late (doctor’s orders). I’ve turn around and transform the hobby into making it great for schools who do not have the budgets or funds for 3D printers for their district. I have received tweets and emails about how they had their perler beads just sitting around in storage in their schools with barely any use. They have no turned around and started using their perler beads for these creations. Well, I have one that will have you jump up and say: “Wahoo!”  Continue reading “Building the Odyssey in Mario Maker”