No internet on Google Chrome? No Problem! 10 ideas for T-rex Game

We have all faced it. We are just going along doing out work on Google Chrome when it happens… the internet goes down! Can be so many reasons: bad connectivity, sever reboot, maintenance or maybe you are trying to upload too many files to the cloud. The T-rex Game has been a favorite pixel game to play while you are waiting for your internet to reconnect or just want to see how far you can go in the game. I have actually found Ten ideas you can use the T-rex game in the classroom using a few chapters from Table Talk Math, Explore like a Pirate and Instant Relevance.

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Innovative Tools in the Classroom

As we wrap up, I is for Innovation, I thought I would leave things with some innovative tools you can get for your classroom and some ways you can use them. Perler Beads: We know this would be my first pick. I have really gotten into using Perler Beads with my teachers and students as our way of having our own 3D Printer. We currently do not have the funds to get the emerging technology in schools. While my nieces and peers have access to one at their schools. I stumbled on using Perler Beads due to health advice from … Continue reading Innovative Tools in the Classroom

My Top 10 Posts of 2015

My Top 10 Posts for Dice UP the Classroom for 2015. SAMR App Dice Beginning your Makey Makey Classroom Welcome to the Emoji Classroom Makey Makey iPad Tech Smash Setting up a PE Google Classroom Fitness Tracker Rolling Out App Dice Facebook Page Emoji Classroom Exit Tickets My Top 20 Comic Book Apps and how to use them Making Digital Bulletin Boards in the Classroom Making the Digital Smash Book Continue reading My Top 10 Posts of 2015

I can Makey Makey Reading Rainbow

Happy Wednesday everyone, You know, something about Wednesdays for me, they can be completely busy or very slow. However, they also can create some great inspiration and do I have a S.T.E.A.M tech smash for you that involves Reading Rainbow. As some of you might not know, I was a big supporter of the Bring Back Reading Rainbow last summer and I am happy to announce that we were adopted by three generous backers for the new school program later this fall. I also recently put in $30 of my own money so my 1st-PK students could get at least … Continue reading I can Makey Makey Reading Rainbow

Brush like a Pirate

Its another cold day in Illinois and while I like to spend my snow days being very active to stay warm, I stumbled on a great little activity the other day and you know I had to turn it into a great Tech like a Pirate lesson. As you can see, there is a great little model of the mouth using paper and egg crates to make it look like you are visiting the dental office. The original reason for this was to teach students the importance of flossing. Now, this is all fun and easy to do and uses … Continue reading Brush like a Pirate

Let’s Play some DNA

When the semester starts to wrap up before winter break. We seem to focus more on finals and classroom parties but at the same time, we have to look ahead to the New Year. I woke to various sad news this morning and I was looking for some inspiration. I was looking through my Teach Like a Pirate book and I saw the Craft Hook as I opened the page. I then saw one of my art teachers busily heading towards their classroom to get ready for the finals. That’s when it hit me like a canon ball. 1. Give … Continue reading Let’s Play some DNA

Taking Apps out of the Useless Folder

Greetings everyone and Happy Hump Day. If you are look at the top image and seeing Teacher Andy up there you are probably saying: “Wait what?!” or “Why are you displaying android, IOS and GAFE up there?” Well, its pretty simple, I was working with a few students of mine the other day and we were going over Evernote. For those who don’t know, Evernote is a great productivity App that can be used for note taking, journaling, presenting and voice notes and synchs across all platforms from mobile to desktop. Two of my teachers decided to have students start … Continue reading Taking Apps out of the Useless Folder

The Book Report Pen Pal

 Hello Everyone, I had a pretty enjoyable weekend. I sat down, finished my homework and I was reading a great book too. What’s Under Your Cape? by Barbara Gruener. What a great book, as I reported the last week how much Teach Like a Pirate really sparked my inspiration again, I have to say that Barbara’s book really drove what I love to do when it comes to teaching in the classroom. I will admit, I am not a classroom teacher, I don’t have a full class, I run the Tech Club at my school but I mentor 8 students … Continue reading The Book Report Pen Pal

Teach like a Pirate App Dice set

  First set of Teach like a Pirate App Dice. These App and Tech Dice are designed to work with the creation and uses of Teach like a Pirate. There will be more sets to come. Enjoy.   Continue reading Teach like a Pirate App Dice set

Come and Knock on our Classroom Door, the Makey Makey and iPad are Waiting for You

    As you can tell, I have had my inspiration on fire today and I have so many projects and lessons to write out I and to post as many as possible due to some commitments I have this week. This last one today will really put four types of Teach Like a Pirate, Tech Smashing and App Smashing all together. Let’s get started shall we? I was sitting with my wife, Melissa the other night and we were watching Antenna TV (we don’t have cable). We were watching the end of Different Strokes and then the beginning of … Continue reading Come and Knock on our Classroom Door, the Makey Makey and iPad are Waiting for You