March Madness Bracket Coding


March Madness is here again and so are everyone’s favorite brackets. Now, everyone knows that brackets are set up to show what teams are playing who and the winner of each round will go to face off the team that advances. Well, being in the spirit of March Madness and of course Teach like a Pirate (you knew it was coming). I have decided to create a type of Bracket set for coding. As many know, I am trying to get our Donors Choose funded by next Wednesday and the clock is ticking. I wanted to show everyone how you could integrate brackets into your Sphero Edu or Coding classroom. Continue reading “March Madness Bracket Coding”


Happy Pi Day 2016 with some Play like a Pirate

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So you’re ghost looking for inspiration?

This past weekend, after waiting what seemed like forever, my copy of Quinn Rollins, Play like a Pirate arrived. I filled a glass of lemond with the Care Bear, Funshine on it. Sat down on my new couch by the window and started reading. Like all the other Teach Like a Pirate books, it was filled with amazing ideas, lessons and a few things I never thought of, well one I had thought of. As we know, its Pi Day once again and I was planning on some fun ideas around Pi or pie, depending on what type of educator you are and after I turned to the Trading Cards chapter in PlayLap. I was taken a step back and a light bulb went off above my head.  Continue reading “Happy Pi Day 2016 with some Play like a Pirate”

Hour of Code Sphero App Dice Rolls



As we complete the Hour of Code today, I wanted to share my students’ Sphero app ice rolls. As you know, App Dice have Apps or online resources on each end. You then roll the dice and create an App Smash with the Apps that show up on top to create a lesson or project. In this case, my students had my Double App Dice (mini die inside larger one) on the ground. They then programed the Sphero or Ollie to hit and roll the the die and see the two Apps that came up on top. Below are the App Smashes that I created for my various teachers with them.

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Was it a Good Deal? Business Math Lesson with Explain Everything

In this Screencast using Explain Everything, I created a Business Math lesson in two parts for students on the purchase of a used car. In part 1, the students are given the lesson and they are to create a screencast using Explain Everything on why it was a good deal or not. Then in part 2, the lesson is shown what the real answer is. Part 1 Answer in Part 2 Continue reading Was it a Good Deal? Business Math Lesson with Explain Everything

My 400th Stick Around Puzzle

Today, I’m celebrating a milestone, my 400th Stick Around Puzzle. Yes, its true I have made 400 Stick Around Puzzles since December of 2013. From PK all the way to a college class on ways to use the SAMR model for pre-service teachers. I’ve done so many Stick Around Puzzle and I don’t intend to stop anytime soon. Stick Around is my favorite App and every day I find new ideas to to create ways to learn and teach with it and when I bring it up with my students on the classroom Apple Tvs they immediately go: “All right!” “Stick Around!” I even had one student create several Stick Around Puzzles on baby animals and then put them in a Thinglink which is at the bottom of this post. My students love creating puzzles and when I show them another way to use Stick Around they immediately start looking to other Apps they can Smash it with and create new projects, especially during Genius Hour. Above is my 400th puzzle, I decided to create a timeline of educators who have really inspired me in the last five years since I switched from health care into education.
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