Bowling for Awareness with Coding


The past two summers, I have volunteered to help with students ages 11 and under who have epilepsy with creativity known as StudioE. The program is designed to have students express their creativity through art, design and engineering. This coming year, I am proposing in hosting two day session using  coding with these kiddos after reading LaunchContinue reading “Bowling for Awareness with Coding”

The What IF Monster and Cordelia

A few weeks ago, I was at the local Fun Fair for the PTO, in which my wife serves as the VP for. During the Fun Fair, there was also a book fair and two books that jumped out to me was Jonathan James and the What IF Monster and Cordelia. For those who don’t know, What IF Monster is about a boy named, Jonathan who is constantly visited by the What IF Monster. A small, sad green monster that makes you feel: “What IF I mess up?” Jonathan spends most of the story thinking: “What IF I fail at something?” Cordelia, another book from the same creative team is about a girl named, Cordelia who believes she can fly and do anything, until someone tell her, she can’t do those things.

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Ozobot Seizure Model


November is Epilepsy Awareness Month and this weekend, Barnes & Noble will be doing a STEM preview of the new Ozobot Evo. For those who don’t know, Ozobots are the smallest programable drone around. They can be synched with any device from iPad to personal PC as long as there is a bluetooth connection. The new Ozobot Evos are a buddy type that can talk to each other and be coded together. Late last spring, I was at a school that used Ozobots to show how circulation works in the heart and another one how how a stroke can occur in the brain. It gave a more up close and personal look at just how the body works thanks to Ozobots. Since this is Epilepsy Awareness Month and the key to raising awareness is to educate others on what Epilepsy is both the truths and the myths.

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My Wife and Mother-in-Law featured on Epilepsy Advocate Magazine

I wanted to share today about my wife, Melissa and my mother-in-law, Diane. They are featured in this month’s Epilepsy Advocate Magazine. This is a magazine that talks about Epilepsy from treatments to stories. Melissa and Diane were photographed and interviewed by the magazine back in August. Melissa talks about what it was like to grow up with epilepsy and how it has effected her life from childhood to adulthood. While Diane talks about what it was like to be a mother and epilepsy advocate to Melissa over the years. The interview also talks about Melissa becoming a wife and … Continue reading My Wife and Mother-in-Law featured on Epilepsy Advocate Magazine

Supporting Epilepsy Awareness with Why Paint your Pumpkin Purple

As many know my wife has had epilepsy for over thirty years and we are large advocates with supporting raising Epilepsy Awareness. A couple years ago, the Purple Pumpkin Project began. While on a drive through Connecticut one Sunday morning with his family, founder Ron Lamontagne was brainstorming ideas on how to spread epilepsy awareness. The local pumpkin patch provided the solution. Since kids would soon be carving and decorating pumpkins, he thought why not make one purple and tell people about epilepsy when asked, “Why is your pumpkin purple?” We have been making sure one of our pumpkins is decorated … Continue reading Supporting Epilepsy Awareness with Why Paint your Pumpkin Purple