#DBC50Summer Reading


Summer is here, like many educators, we look at the days of the 3 other Rs: Refuel, Recharge, and Read. Summer was always a time of reading for me, back to the day where I would sit on the front porch in summer reading comic books or the latest novel that caught my interest. In the Summer of 2014, something drastic happened, as many of you know as the school year came to a close in 2014 I was feeling burned out. I wasn’t feeling very motivated, I was more of an administrator than teacher and I would go into my office and just look at my screen after finishing paper work and go: “Now what?” However, it was that Spring I discovered Teach like a Pirate by Dave Burgess and things completely changed. I found a re-ignition of passion and began buying every book that would be released by Dave Burgess Consulting Inc and they became my constant PD books during the summer. In the past two months thanks to Dave and Shelly Burgess, Jay Billy, Wendy Hankins¬†and some well timed Amazon Gift Cards. I started my Summer of 2018 reading list in early May of a whopping 8 books. I’m here to give a brief review of them, what I found amazing about each one and a little sneak peak at home I’m using them in the classroom this upcoming school year as I begin building the Classroom of Pixels (#PixelClassroom).

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Digital Citizenship with Pokemon Go



Pokemon Go is still going strong and there are already many educators and administrators who are finding ways to integrate Pokemon Go with their students this fall. One lesson that is great for  Pokemon Go is Digital Citizenship, no really. You can apply the Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship with Pokemon Go with your class by doing the following.

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The Genius Hour Skype

Hello everyone and Happy Friday. I wanted to talk about something new I have been trying with Genius Hour the last few weeks and that’s Skyping. Now, many classrooms are using Skype for classroom exchange and special speakers with their classroom. A few weeks ago, I had Tony Vincent Skype with my 5th graders during their Genius Hour. My students asked Tony various questions about his work, Stick Around and more. They loved it so much they wanted to call him back after we signed off. After the call, I had two students who had been wondering about what to … Continue reading The Genius Hour Skype