Purple Pumpkin Tech Super Smash for October 30th

Greetings everyone, With October 31st just a day away and Epilepsy Awareness Month starting on Saturday, I thought I would create some Tech Super Smashes for your Pumpkins in the classroom before the final one tomorrow. Here is list of how you can Tech Smash your Purple Pumpkin. 1. Create a set of QR Codes for your classroom. These QR Codes can be short cuts to websites about the Purple Pumpkin Project, Epilepsy, Stick Around Puzzles and Voice Notes. Print them out and put them on a pumpkin in your classroom and have students scan them. They then can write … Continue reading Purple Pumpkin Tech Super Smash for October 30th

Taking Apps out of the Useless Folder

Greetings everyone and Happy Hump Day. If you are look at the top image and seeing Teacher Andy up there you are probably saying: “Wait what?!” or “Why are you displaying android, IOS and GAFE up there?” Well, its pretty simple, I was working with a few students of mine the other day and we were going over Evernote. For those who don’t know, Evernote is a great productivity App that can be used for note taking, journaling, presenting and voice notes and synchs across all platforms from mobile to desktop. Two of my teachers decided to have students start … Continue reading Taking Apps out of the Useless Folder

Where’s the Caboose?

  Monday is here, a new week, a new lesson and a new hook to Teach like a Pirate. If you read my previous post, I took a trip to our local train museum this weekend and one of the features that stood out the most to us was a restored red caboose. My son, Tyler was wondering where cabooses were when he sees a local train come by. My mother-in-law told him they don’t have cabooses anymore at the end of trains. He was wondering why since they have them with his Thomas Train Sets and of course famous … Continue reading Where’s the Caboose?

I’ve been working on the Chromecast all the Live Long Day

Greetings my fellow Chromecast teachers and users. I was reading about the GAFE Summit this weekend and several teachers were wondering how they could use Chromecast in the classroom. The Google Chromecast can do many streaming features from devices to Google Apps but many want to know how to use Chromecast for their classroom along with other Google Apps for Education. Well, everyone is in luck, all this week I’ll tell you how you can use your own Chromecast for Education. For my first lesson/creation I was at the local train museum with my family this weekend and Tyler was … Continue reading I’ve been working on the Chromecast all the Live Long Day