Instant Relevance Review

Earlier this week on top of trying to complete three homework assignments and dissertation proposal updates, I was able to read Instant Relevance by Denis Sheeran. The latest in awesome books from Dave Burgess Consulting Inc. Denis perfectly captures a book that looks at what is relevant today from pop culture to food and apply it to the classroom. An over thirteen year Math veteran, Denis instills humor, relevance and fun into his lessons, projects and resources in this book. Something that really stood out to me in the book was about when we aren’t in the classroom and discovering … Continue reading Instant Relevance Review

Let’s Fly a Kite

Happy Windy Wednesday Everyone, Well, its a bit windy where I am today and yes even rainy but you know what? The Sun will Come out Tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar tomorrow. No, I’m not about to do a project involving some of Broadway and Disney’s biggest hit musicals. Nope, today I’m pulling out Math Learning Center’s Bridges Math Apps and getting getting out the scissors and the string and ready to fly a kite. When I first came to my school, one of the high school math teachers loved having her students during the spring build quadrilateral kites. Each … Continue reading Let’s Fly a Kite

Warm up with some Stick Around STEAMers and Citing

Hello my fellow educators, if you are like me, most of you are dealing with a Snow Day due to the crazy blizzards in the US right now. Well, as we all know, when I have a Snow Day, I get creative. I brew the coffee, my son watches Curious George and my wife sleeps in. Now, for February through March I’m doing a combination of Application (Gamification mixed with App Smashes). I’m also doing App STEAMers, which is creating App Smashes based on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). Thanks to this winter weather and the fact I’m … Continue reading Warm up with some Stick Around STEAMers and Citing

Falling to Pieces over Area and Perimeter

Greetings everyone, I have a fun lesson for all you Math teachers and users of the Math Learning Center Bridges Apps. Above you see the model of a robot that was created by a student that teachers students about area and perimeter. This fun activity, your students will create a robot with arms, legs, a body and a head that have specified area or perimeter. It is a fun way to enrich and practice area and perimeter! It could even be used as an assessment. I found the original idea here on Teachers Pay Teachers. However, my Tech Pirate self … Continue reading Falling to Pieces over Area and Perimeter

Explain Everything and Bridge that Lego Math

Hi Everyone, I’m recovering from the flu and while I type up my blog entries at home, this cold did not allow me to get anything taken care of for the full week. However, with myself 85% back to normal, I did think up a simple and yet very usual Tech Smash for the Lego Classroom. Its so simple and you can do it in your classroom starting today. 1. Get your Legos together for your math lessons. This can be anything from fractions to simple addition/subtraction. 2. Have students take their devices and go Pattern Shapes by Math Learning … Continue reading Explain Everything and Bridge that Lego Math

Teaching with Peanuts

No, not Charlie Brown and the Gang but you can. I’m talking about every day run of the mill peanuts. Of course if you stop by the Fisher’s factory a half an hour from me those are fantastic! However, I’m talking about peanuts today, now man are thinking: “Oh great, going to talk about nut allergies.” Well, I will but I’m here to instruct and teach and use a little Pure Genius and TLAP here and yes, maybe a Little What’s Under your Cape? What can you teach with peanuts that I was snacking on while we celebrated an uncle’s … Continue reading Teaching with Peanuts

Tally UP!

Hey Tally, Tally, Tally! While it might be October we all know it will soon be voting time come November and thanks to that, I became inspired thanks to the newest book in my collection, Pure Genius by Don Wettrick. I just got a few pages into the book and I was hit by a wave of inspiration, so I jotted down some ideas that went well thinking about Tallies. So, all you Pirates, Mobile Tech and Wearable Tech Educators and Students get ready, here we go: 1. For Early elementary teach students how tallying works, the basic drawing of … Continue reading Tally UP!