Run like a Pirate Chapters 5-10 Review

Here we are on Day 2 of my daily Chapter reviews of Run like a Pirate focusing on Chapters 5-10. As I read these these six chapters it was amazing how much inspiration I was able to draw from the chapters. Even more amazing was I had these various conversations with myself. How you may ask? Let’s head in and find out.

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Lead with Literacy & Unleash Talent Book Reviews


As the summer days continue to shine, I have completed two more books of my summer reading list this year. Lead with Literacy by Mandy Ellis and Unleash Talent by Kara KnollmeyerContinue reading “Lead with Literacy & Unleash Talent Book Reviews”

Be Real by Tara Martin Review

As many of you know, I am currently on my summer reading. I’m reading a lot (I’m on book 9) of incredible teacher books. Ranging from individual authors to of course the Dave Burgess Consulting Inc and IM Press print. Late last week, Be Real by Tara Martin arrived. If the name sounds familar, Tara is the founder of #Booksnaps. Booksnaps if you are wondering in Tara’s own words: “Documenting our key takeaways and creating this visual digital representation of our thoughts between face-to-face meetings. Then, add them to our “Snap Story” for daily viewing.” I have to admit, I have been Booksnapping a lot since that article came out. I was someone who really did not see the point of Snap Chat. Seriously, I had students coming to my office asking for help with the App a couple of years ago and I was going: “Seriously? Instagram is so much better.” Then I switched school and several of my co-workers were using it for various filters and video. So, I jumped on board, but it was Tara who really showed me the great use for using Snap Chat in education (sorry Maggie Cox). That was what Tara did, she taught many of us a “real” way to use Snapchat in education and that’s where my review of Be Real comes in.

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#DBC50Summer Reading


Summer is here, like many educators, we look at the days of the 3 other Rs: Refuel, Recharge, and Read. Summer was always a time of reading for me, back to the day where I would sit on the front porch in summer reading comic books or the latest novel that caught my interest. In the Summer of 2014, something drastic happened, as many of you know as the school year came to a close in 2014 I was feeling burned out. I wasn’t feeling very motivated, I was more of an administrator than teacher and I would go into my office and just look at my screen after finishing paper work and go: “Now what?” However, it was that Spring I discovered Teach like a Pirate by Dave Burgess and things completely changed. I found a re-ignition of passion and began buying every book that would be released by Dave Burgess Consulting Inc and they became my constant PD books during the summer. In the past two months thanks to Dave and Shelly Burgess, Jay Billy, Wendy Hankins and some well timed Amazon Gift Cards. I started my Summer of 2018 reading list in early May of a whopping 8 books. I’m here to give a brief review of them, what I found amazing about each one and a little sneak peak at home I’m using them in the classroom this upcoming school year as I begin building the Classroom of Pixels (#PixelClassroom).

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Pixels in a Jar

A few months ago while I was looking for a new school, I came across Books in a Jar at a local library. Books in a Jar was started back in 2013 when a student thought it would be fun to take pieces of a torn up book and put sentences, words, phrases, ect in a mason jar and then have students try and guess the story it was from. Kind of like a game of Clue, but with torn to deconstructed pieces of a book. At the time, I thought there be a great way to turn this into a STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering, art and mathematics) project/activity. However, I was so busy at the time looking for a new job and recreating some older lessons over the summer, I filed it away. This past week a few teachers were talking about it on Twitter and I grabbed my old notebook and came up with this awesome lesson/project you can do with students K-3.

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Booksnaps and Funko Pop!


For those who don’t know, Tara Martin a few months ago started Booksnaps. The idea of #BookSnaps was by documenting key takeaways between face-to-face meetings and adding them to our “Snap Story” for daily viewing using Snapchat or related apps. This allows the reader to connect an idea or thought by creating a digital visual representation. The visual representation solidifies the text content within the mind and signals the brain to retrieve the idea from memory. Something I have been doing since Booksnaps was publically revealed and I have been trying to do various Booksnaps with my students using Seesaw. Going back about another month before that, Quinn Rollins, Mr. Play like a Pirate himself, talked about using Funko Pop! for biographies. The idea behind Funko Pop! figures are creating  simple biographies of characters they’re learning about in class. Historic figures, great inventors, characters in novels — anything in your curriculum that has a human in it.  Continue reading “Booksnaps and Funko Pop!”