I Glide with my Little Eye

Growing up in the 80s and 90s there was one type of tech I always wanted, that was the special watch that Penny from Inspector Gadget and Dick Tracy had. We now have that in the Apple Watch (do want one very badly) and other related smart watches like the Pebble or Samsung. In the last week since the release of the Apple Watch I have had three students get one and I have had a few schools where majority of their PE students also received one. I do see the trend continuing with wearable technology and I see it … Continue reading I Glide with my Little Eye

Fly like a Bird

Today marks the end of my Get Outside Edu lessons and projects and I saved the best for last. A couple weeks ago, my kindergarten and PK kiddos started their spring to summer crafts. They are big users of Aurasma and QR Codes. Later this week my students are going outside to do research on the various birds in the area and do iMovies about the birds they see and why they are their favorite. I thought it would be great with Grandparents’ Day coming up to augment their reports for their parents and grandparents to see. 1. This is … Continue reading Fly like a Bird

Motivating Readers for Student Books with Augmented Reality

A good friend of mine is working on his dissertation on motivating the unmotivated readers when it comes to libraries. Withs several of my students doing their own books for Genius Hour, I came up with a great way to turn their books into movie trailers using Explain Everything and iMovie to create almost Hollywood movie trailers that appear when a device is held over the movie poster created for the book using Aurasma. Below are two examples of ones I created for my upcoming book, Small Hope. Continue reading Motivating Readers for Student Books with Augmented Reality

Top 10 Ways to Tech Like a Pirate

Starting in January, I’m kicking of “Tech Like a Pirate” where you I talk about several ways you integrate technology into your classroom while you Teach Like a Pirate. To get things kicked off, I have made a Top 10 list or in a way kind of a top 40 list to show you what Apps work the best with all the Pirate Hooks. So, let the fun begin. 1. You. Yes, you. Who knows what tech to use in their classroom the best but you the teacher. What programs do you use every day? Do you have a digital … Continue reading Top 10 Ways to Tech Like a Pirate

What are you thankful for with a Lego Turkey

Wrapping up the Tech Smash the Lego Classroom, I put together a spin on a classic Turkey project that has been going around lately using Chatterpix and add in some QR Codes, Stick Around and Aurasma to it. 1. Have students create their turkeys from Legos. 2. Have students film a video using Chatterpix about what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving. 3. Have students create a Stick Around Puzzle on Thanksgiving to share with their classmates and upload it to Google Drive, Box or Dropbox. 4. Upload the Chatterpix video to Aurasma and make their turkey the target image … Continue reading What are you thankful for with a Lego Turkey

Purple Pumpkin Tech Super Smash for October 30th

Greetings everyone, With October 31st just a day away and Epilepsy Awareness Month starting on Saturday, I thought I would create some Tech Super Smashes for your Pumpkins in the classroom before the final one tomorrow. Here is list of how you can Tech Smash your Purple Pumpkin. 1. Create a set of QR Codes for your classroom. These QR Codes can be short cuts to websites about the Purple Pumpkin Project, Epilepsy, Stick Around Puzzles and Voice Notes. Print them out and put them on a pumpkin in your classroom and have students scan them. They then can write … Continue reading Purple Pumpkin Tech Super Smash for October 30th

Taking Apps out of the Useless Folder

Greetings everyone and Happy Hump Day. If you are look at the top image and seeing Teacher Andy up there you are probably saying: “Wait what?!” or “Why are you displaying android, IOS and GAFE up there?” Well, its pretty simple, I was working with a few students of mine the other day and we were going over Evernote. For those who don’t know, Evernote is a great productivity App that can be used for note taking, journaling, presenting and voice notes and synchs across all platforms from mobile to desktop. Two of my teachers decided to have students start … Continue reading Taking Apps out of the Useless Folder

What can a Jar teach us?

What have I gone and done now? You see a picture of a large $2 jar with a set of rocks in it and a purple ribbon on top. What is this? Its something I came up with this weekend, this past July my family and I joined a group of friends up north for a beach weekend thanks to my wife’s aunt and uncle. It was nice to get away with friends, had my son play with our friends’ kids an just enjoy life a bit. We don’t do it very much as we would like to. Well, during … Continue reading What can a Jar teach us?

Teach like a Pirate with Aurasma

Hello there matey. As you know for almost 2 weeks now I have been Teaching like a Pirate with my various lessons and I have been loving it. Well, I found out today there is a 30 Day Teach Like a Pirate Hook Challenge. Which means for the next 30 days can you incorporate a TLAP Hook into your classroom? Well, I’ve been doing it both on here and in the classroom and today I have a nice one. As some of you know, Dot Day is coming up and I have been working with my teachers to come up … Continue reading Teach like a Pirate with Aurasma