The Office Remodel Part 1


The other day I said I was going to start remodeling my office to be more inviting to students and staff alike. While I planned on doing this slowly over the next few weeks. As they say, time waits for no man and I ended up getting an earlier start due to an accident occurring during some regular checks, such as my entire shelf collapsing (don’t worry, I’m OK). So, after a few hours of moving, cataloging, archiving and a few other things here is the start to my remodel.

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Coming to an Art Room Near you!

    Happy Monday Everyone! I am pleased to announce that this past Saturday afternoon, while on a quest to find some Star Wars The Force Awakens action figures at a Super Target, my iPhone went off. I looked at the notification and it told me that our Donors Choose had been funded. Extremely ironic since I walked down an aisle that had both Sphero SPRK and Ollies on the shelf as I read the notification. As I smiled like I had found a BB-8 marked down to $2, I immediately sent a Snapchat to my fellow teachers and they … Continue reading Coming to an Art Room Near you!

March Madness Bracket Coding


March Madness is here again and so are everyone’s favorite brackets. Now, everyone knows that brackets are set up to show what teams are playing who and the winner of each round will go to face off the team that advances. Well, being in the spirit of March Madness and of course Teach like a Pirate (you knew it was coming). I have decided to create a type of Bracket set for coding. As many know, I am trying to get our Donors Choose funded by next Wednesday and the clock is ticking. I wanted to show everyone how you could integrate brackets into your Sphero Edu or Coding classroom. Continue reading “March Madness Bracket Coding”

Innovative Tools in the Classroom

As we wrap up, I is for Innovation, I thought I would leave things with some innovative tools you can get for your classroom and some ways you can use them. Perler Beads: We know this would be my first pick. I have really gotten into using Perler Beads with my teachers and students as our way of having our own 3D Printer. We currently do not have the funds to get the emerging technology in schools. While my nieces and peers have access to one at their schools. I stumbled on using Perler Beads due to health advice from … Continue reading Innovative Tools in the Classroom


In late 2014, when I was working on my Appification (App Smashing with Gamification). One of the games I created was Tic-Tac-Smash. The object was similar to Tic-Tac-Toe with a twist. Students had to try to keep from getting three Apps in a row. The object was, once a student had aligned three Apps in a row either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The player had to create a lesson or project from those three Apps created. The game would then start again with two more students. This was design to have a more student lead classroom, as students were in … Continue reading Tic-Tac-Smash

Making a Square & Triangle with Sphero & Tickle App

In these Periscope Edu videos. I show how to use the App, Tickle on IOS to have a Sphero and Ollie create a perfect square and triangle and then do a full color change and off run. We have borrowed these for our Hour of Code next week. We are currently running a Donors Choose to get our own Sphero set to transform our art room into a full STEAM Builders’ Room. Please enjoy the videos and please share or support our Donors Choose for Mr. Smetana’s students. Use the code word: “EVERYGIFTMATTERS” at check out and Donors Choose will match the donation. We still have $1,045 to go, but I believe we can do it before Winter Break.  Continue reading “Making a Square & Triangle with Sphero & Tickle App”

Leap Motion

Monday night towards the end of my class, I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Swanshy talk about using Google Cardboard and Leap Motion. The Leap Motion Controller lets you use your computer in a whole new way. Reach out and swipe, grab, pinch, or punch your way through the digital world. Leap Motion works with both Mac and PC and will be on chrome books in the future. The Periscope video below shows Dr. Swanshy along with my classmates using Leap on his Macbook Air. The main Leap Motion will run you $89.00 with the VR hook … Continue reading Leap Motion

Freedom of Choice App Dice

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 11.25.22 AM

I was looking over Educlipper and Pinterest this morning when I came across students using Cross 10 models. For those who don’t know, Cross 10 is a math numbers game set up where you have a numbers board. A student or teacher moves a cut out cross template and takes those numbers and does something along the ten model, such as addition, subtraction, division, ect. The exercise is meant to give students a more random access for numbers that they choose and that’s when it hit me. We have these same models with Dice Templates like my App Dice.

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