Selfies in the Classroom with Instagram

social-1206610_1280A while ago, I posted about using social media in the classroom. Mostly by using the various features of Instagram along with sister Apps. Well, as many of you know, Instagram and its sister Apps had overhauls on both designs and features. I’m going over a few ways you can use Instagram in your classroom and using the various sister Apps both with and outside of Instagram.

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How I created Appy the App Dice Green Screen

I recently completed an Appy the App Dice video about welcoming others to Build like a Pirate. However, I get asked: “Just how did I do that?” I used Doink Green Screen on my iPad mostly, but also a few other tools along the way to create an awesome App Smash.

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Making a Square & Triangle with Sphero & Tickle App

In these Periscope Edu videos. I show how to use the App, Tickle on IOS to have a Sphero and Ollie create a perfect square and triangle and then do a full color change and off run. We have borrowed these for our Hour of Code next week. We are currently running a Donors Choose to get our own Sphero set to transform our art room into a full STEAM Builders’ Room. Please enjoy the videos and please share or support our Donors Choose for Mr. Smetana’s students. Use the code word: “EVERYGIFTMATTERS” at check out and Donors Choose will match the donation. We still have $1,045 to go, but I believe we can do it before Winter Break.  Continue reading “Making a Square & Triangle with Sphero & Tickle App”

10 great Apps for Hour of Code


The Hour of Code is set for December 7th this year and my school is doing a Star Wars theme using java and Spheros. Many people ask me what are some great Apps or units that go great with teaching students and teachers how to code and then build it from there. Here is my list:

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Falling to Pieces over Area and Perimeter

Greetings everyone, I have a fun lesson for all you Math teachers and users of the Math Learning Center Bridges Apps. Above you see the model of a robot that was created by a student that teachers students about area and perimeter. This fun activity, your students will create a robot with arms, legs, a body and a head that have specified area or perimeter. It is a fun way to enrich and practice area and perimeter! It could even be used as an assessment. I found the original idea here on Teachers Pay Teachers. However, my Tech Pirate self … Continue reading Falling to Pieces over Area and Perimeter

Stick to that Pirate QR Wall

Ahoy! My fellow pirates, while the weather outside might be below Zero! I am sailing the cold seas to bring you a great Tech Like a Pirate using my favorite App, Stick Around and teaches students about App Smashing. It’s pretty simple. 1. Set up some random HTML to select several subject areas you teaching in a unit. Create QR Codes with them and put them together on a large wall map like shown above. Make sure you include an App above each of the QR Codes. 2. Next, when your students scan the QR Code they are taken to … Continue reading Stick to that Pirate QR Wall