Gafe 4 Littles App Spinner

Based off of the upcoming book by Christine Pinto and Alice Keeler. I created this fidget game spinner based on Sydney Musselwhite‘s App Spinner. It’s a great way to teach Littles free choice and create amazing App Smashes with GSuite. You can make your own copy here. Advertisements Continue reading Gafe 4 Littles App Spinner

App Dice: A Two Year Journey

If you were at ISTE 2016 in Colorado this year and stopped by the Seesaw booth or attended any of their panels, you most likely noticed App Dice. Teachers and administrators were loving them. Many people were on Twitters and their websites talking about App Dice and loving the idea. I even had several people surprised that App Dice have been around for a little over two years. Followed by many asking me how I came up with the idea. Well, I discovered the idea just after Christmas in 2013. I was looking through Pinterest and I found a teacher blog about a teacher who took some stickers of various iPad apps and put them on dice and then had teachers roll them to come up with some lessons. However, they didn’t use them for App Smashing or random selecting of Apps either. No, they originally rolled them when they were making a lesson with Apps they knew and then had to make their lesson with that exact App. So, if the teacher was going to do an lesson on geography and they rolled Pic Collage. They would have to do a lesson with students that used Pic Collage with just that App. There was no real app smashing, and it was always with the basic school Apps that were on their classroom iPads that were a shared cart. I loved the idea of Apps on dice, but it was way too limiting. Continue reading “App Dice: A Two Year Journey”

Top 10 Ways to Tech Like a Pirate

Starting in January, I’m kicking of “Tech Like a Pirate” where you I talk about several ways you integrate technology into your classroom while you Teach Like a Pirate. To get things kicked off, I have made a Top 10 list or in a way kind of a top 40 list to show you what Apps work the best with all the Pirate Hooks. So, let the fun begin. 1. You. Yes, you. Who knows what tech to use in their classroom the best but you the teacher. What programs do you use every day? Do you have a digital … Continue reading Top 10 Ways to Tech Like a Pirate

When the SAMR hits your eye like a Big Pizza Pie that’s an App S’more

Buongiorno! I was riding in my car the other day with my son and he was asking for pizza and pointing at the gas station. My wife laughed saying that wasn’t the type of gas station that serves pizza. I laughed and said about 30 years ago, that gas station was a pizzeria and I went on to say how much the area has changed since I was my son’s age. Then of course, I looked up in the sky and the full moon hit my eye like a Big Pizza Pie and I had an App S’more. 1. Create … Continue reading When the SAMR hits your eye like a Big Pizza Pie that’s an App S’more

Do you want to build a Snowman Pirate Style?

Most of you are reading the title of this post and going: “Oh great!” “Another Frozen project, just what we need.” However, we all know I don’t like to just go with a traditional spin on something like making a cardboard Olaf or mini jars full of cotton and paper. No, I’m going a different route here and of course I’m borrowing a little Pirate flair in the process. As you can see by the above image, I have an entire set of snowmen created by a local grade school class assembled into a melody of snowmen and in some … Continue reading Do you want to build a Snowman Pirate Style?

Taking Apps out of the Useless Folder

Greetings everyone and Happy Hump Day. If you are look at the top image and seeing Teacher Andy up there you are probably saying: “Wait what?!” or “Why are you displaying android, IOS and GAFE up there?” Well, its pretty simple, I was working with a few students of mine the other day and we were going over Evernote. For those who don’t know, Evernote is a great productivity App that can be used for note taking, journaling, presenting and voice notes and synchs across all platforms from mobile to desktop. Two of my teachers decided to have students start … Continue reading Taking Apps out of the Useless Folder

Super App Smash App Dice

Love App Dice but want to take them a little further. Love App Smashing and always know a winning combination. Now, you can really put your App Smashing and App Dice throwing skills to the next level with Super App Smash App Dice. Each side has three or more Apps that you use on a regular basis but then you roll again and have to smash those Apps with the next side. This is for advance App Smashers or those ready to see what they can really do with their devices. Give it a try, and Super App Smash! Continue reading Super App Smash App Dice

Hold the iPhone: App Dice for Professional Networking and Work Portfolio

With Ed Camp Illinois next week I thought I reveal my Professional Networking and Work Portfolio App Dice. Its pretty simple, I create App Dice with QR Codes on each side. I put what the QR Codes lead too on each side i.e.: Twitter, Google+, Email, Face book, LinkedIn ect. This allows to have multiple users scan the code and easier for people who want to follower or contact you to just scan the codes and away they go. Much easier than having people type our your email address or doing searches for you on Twitter and Google+. I also … Continue reading Hold the iPhone: App Dice for Professional Networking and Work Portfolio