App Smash Flipgrid with Adobe Spark Post

August 1st, yes the unofficial getting ready for the school year (though I know some of my friends are already back in school). I have lessons and projects set up and putting some special fun for my students this fall and of course I have to test one of them out and of course, two of my favorites, Flipgrid and Spark Post turned into something really great that you can use for your classroom.

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Starting a School Newspaper with Adobe Slate


Hello Everyone,

Usually my blog posts are daily, but with so much PD going into our new STEAM Art curriculum, I have fallen behind a bit outside of my social networks with Twitter and Instagram. I am excited to post about a new project we planning at my school using Adobe Slate for a School Newspaper. Something I have loved about Adobe Slate is how seamlessly you can incorporate images, text and now videos into a presentation that just pops to the viewer like a webpage. What’s even better is that Adobe Slate can be shared on almost every network as an embedded file and not just a link. Continue reading “Starting a School Newspaper with Adobe Slate”