Happy Pi Day 2016 with some Play like a Pirate

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So you’re ghost looking for inspiration?

This past weekend, after waiting what seemed like forever, my copy of Quinn Rollins, Play like a Pirate arrived. I filled a glass of lemond with the Care Bear, Funshine on it. Sat down on my new couch by the window and started reading. Like all the other Teach Like a Pirate books, it was filled with amazing ideas, lessons and a few things I never thought of, well one I had thought of. As we know, its Pi Day once again and I was planning on some fun ideas around Pi or pie, depending on what type of educator you are and after I turned to the Trading Cards chapter in PlayLap. I was taken a step back and a light bulb went off above my head.  Continue reading “Happy Pi Day 2016 with some Play like a Pirate”

Time to Play and Explore like a Pirate in 3D Printing

The last few days, I have been busy with my teachers getting our new STEAM art curriculum set up as we await our Spheros and Drones and play with our new 3D printer. During the time of working out some great designs prints and planning some amazing lessons and projects, a wonderful lesson came to me. Using both Explore like a Pirate and Play like a Pirate teaching fun.

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Run like a Pirate Chapters 39-45

Hey Everybody!  I’m fresh from a run and feeling the review spirit in high gear for Run like a Pirate by Adam Welcome. First of all, I’m going to have to reveal an embarrassing situation today. Last night, after having a pretty good Monday. I went to bed feeling pretty good. I woke up to the sound of the garbage truck pulling up our street. I sprung out of bed and ran. I forgot to pull the bins to the end of our drive way. I open the garage door and ran them to the front, but I had missed the pick up. I was planning on bringing the bins to the curb when I went out for my run this morning and did not expect them to be so early (they usually aren’t around our house until about 2 hours earlier).  Even more, my wife had woken up earlier and started laughing at me the whole time and then she goes to get a cup to start the morning coffee and then realizes I didn’t soak one of the containers from her parents being over last night. Talk about double whammy and then I got a talk about forgetting to put an appointment on the calendar. So, yeah, not how I intended to start the morning. So, I put on my running outfit, had my water and banana and out I ran. Leading to where we are now with starting with Chapter 39: The Big Apple.

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Run like a Pirate Chapters 31-38

It’s time to Celebrate Monday everyone, with reviewing Chapters 31-38 of Run like a Pirate by Adam Welcome. Yes, we are nearing the end of my chapter reviews for the book, the finish line is starting to show. However, remember it’s a marathon not a sprint. The learning is part of the journey. Let us begin. Continue reading “Run like a Pirate Chapters 31-38”

Run like a Pirate Chapters 17-21 Review

Happy weekend everyone,

Saturday has arrived and with it farmers markets, down town events and the latest chapter review for Run like a Pirate by Adam Welcome. I will warn you now, these chapters are chalk full of inspiration that I know motivated me to get out and start making less excuses and face fears.

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Run like a Pirate Chapters 5-10 Review

Here we are on Day 2 of my daily Chapter reviews of Run like a Pirate focusing on Chapters 5-10. As I read these these six chapters it was amazing how much inspiration I was able to draw from the chapters. Even more amazing was I had these various conversations with myself. How you may ask? Let’s head in and find out.

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Run like a Pirate Warming Up – Chapter 4 Review

Hey everyone,

Here we are, the start of my daily review of Run like a Pirate by Adam Welcome. If  you read my previous post, I told you about how I am going to be reviewing Run like a Pirate by chapter and how I am using each chapter for my own daily and personal goals. In the past I have usually just reviewed the books, what parts stuck out to me and some ideas or plans I intend to use in the classroom. This time, I’m doing it by chapter, EACH chapter. Today I will be doing the opening Warm Up through Chapter 4. So, here we go. Continue reading “Run like a Pirate Warming Up – Chapter 4 Review”

Balance like a Pirate Review

The weeks of summer are starting to close down and my summer reading list is starting to also wind down. During the summer months, something that always plagues my mine is Balance. The thin line between work, family, finances, play and of course quiet time. So, what does an educator like myself look towards his summer reading after books like The Edu Ninja Mindset or Unleash Talent or Be Real? I go to Balance Like a Pirate by Jessica Cabeen, Jessica Johnson and Sarah Johnson. The first thing these thing these three tell you right up front is there is not a perfect balance you can get. It’s a known fact, but what Jess, JJ and Sarah do bring to you are their strategies and supports that can lead to balance in our personal, professional and positional lives.  Continue reading “Balance like a Pirate Review”

Pirate Duck is on an adventure with Emojis



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You are probably thinking right now: “Oh no! Ryan is at again and now he’s made a new character out of Perler Beads, what can he be doing now.” As many of you know for the last two years, I have been reading and practicing the Teach like a Pirate way by Dave Burgess. Just this last week, the newest book, Play like a Pirate by Quinn Rollins was released. Sadly, I’m still waiting on my copy (errr!) to arrive, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start using a little PlayLap, XPLAP and Tlap together to create a fun writing lesson.

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