Five for Five Challenge Day 3

Day 3 of my Five for Five Challenge of Making Learning Magical to my students. Today, my classes were booked end with Ditch that Homework by Matt Miller and Alice Keeler and Kids Deserve It by Adam Welcome and Todd Nesloney. Something you think is by the time you get to Day 3 of the Five for Five Challenge you start to get into the groove of things. I learned first hand that is not always the case.

Something I have neglected in my Five for Five was including my Seminar during the week. Seminar is basically a Homeroom where students (I have freshman this year), arrive for the start of the day. They get organize, study and go to meetings. I decided to take a page out of Kids Deserve It and ask them: “What do you think about our seminar?” I got a lot of: “Why are you asking us?” “Your the teacher, don’t you know how it suppose to go?” I asked do they feel I give them enough time for studying, that I make room for their appointments and do they feel they are making the most of their time in the 26 minutes we are together. Many said: “yes” while a few still wondered why I was asking them. I brought up my XP Points and asked what they thought about it. One of my students went: “I thought those only apply to your regular classes, Mr. Read.” I said, they usually do, but I have been thinking of opening it up to Seminar too. Many liked that, especially my freshman who have me for my regular classes. So, I listen to my students and have decided I will make their own XP boards and get them going. Even if we are already five weeks into the school year. As both Adam and Todd said: “It’s never too late to start.”

After my Seminar ended I began my back to back Consumer Education classes. I immediately told them we were going full flipped classroom. I was not going to lecture, everything was set in Edpuzzle and time to complete any missing assignments and then we were going to do a Socrative for our “brain dump” that would work for our review for our upcoming Unit test next week. My students cheered, they quickly went to work and before I knew it, not only did they finish our Edpuzzle quickly and answer the questions. I had two students who had missed a few classes, with the extra time, they were able to get their missing Edpuzzle work finished and many of my students finished a missing assignment. It was great! I then introduced them to Socrative and they really enjoyed it and asked if we would be doing it next class. I told them that going forward we would be doing Socrative regularly and moving into Quizizz next for our final review of the day. My students LOVE Quizizz. They love the competition and the rank and what I love is that Quizizz shows their accuarcy in answering questions. I was shocked to see they were way below.

I also checked the answer that was most missed and was shocked it was between Lenders and Borrowers. I then looked and realized the answer had somehow been mismatched. A few of my students at that moment spoke up and said they saw that because they didn’t know how they got the question wrong. I then told them when that happens they can tell me anytime. It was then that something amazing happened. Several told me that while they liked Edpuzzle, they didn’t feel it worked out very smoothly. The questions sometimes came up too early before they reviewed the video and they didn’t like that the score system ranked them lower when they knew they got the answers right. I was so happy they told me about this and I immediately told them, I would make the corrections right away and make sure this never happened in the future. This made everyone smile.


Before I knew it, it was time for clean up and everyone left on time and then my second hour Consumer Education began. I was so happy after the results of first hour, I made some corrections and went on with my second hour. The students had lost problems with Edpuzzle this time and also found Socrative to be easy to understand and enjoyed it. However, when it came to Quizizz, that’s when problems just hit left and right. We had internet connection problems, Quizizz went down and then people who did get in had the game quit on them out of nowhere. So, I regrouped and told them we would do Quizlet Live instead and that perked everyone up and away we went. However, while Quizlet Live saved the day those in-between moments from Quizizz going wrong and Quizlet Live starting caused a lot of problems. Several students were upset, others almost got turned off immediately because they have friends in the previous hour who told them all the great stuff we did the hour before. They basically were: “Why can’t we have that too?” Yeah, well as Yoda once told us: “Failure is often the best teacher.” Things went wrong and it took a bit to get my class refocused, but we did get there and I gave them extra time to finish any missing work they had and it did pay off. I was able to send the Quizizz review game to Google Classroom to study over and class ended without any other drama.

So, after having a night and day experience, I took my lunch, regrouped and headed into my final class. My Introduction to Computer Class was finishing up their first Unit which was over Google. My TA and I got into character, put on our Quiz Master hats and started Kahoot and it was amazing. We had a ranking board, jokes and HUGE engagement before I turned them over to their Quia quiz and others started their Edpuzzle’s for Unit 2 or completing their Unit 1 Projects. I don’t think I had a student in dismay at all. Almost everyone did very well on the Unit Review, I can Statements were turned in and everyone was pretty much done with the Unit. I gave a huge thumbs up. Full Gamification, Flipped Classroom, Student Voice was load and clear and we Ditched that Homework.

I have to say for my mid point in my Five for Five Challenge, there was struggle, there was success, there was failure, but also there was magic. As I look back at the previous three days, I feel I have grown as a teacher in the process. I worked more of my classroom management skills. I opened the door to not leaving anyone out and that their voice matters. It was truly a magical day and I can’t wait to start Day 4 tomorrow. It’s going to be very, very different. How different? Tune in tomorrow.



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