Taking the Five for Five Challenge

Hello Everyone,

I hope the new school year is off to a great start. I am heading into my fourth week of the school year and I’m pretty excited for what I have coming up this week. I’m taking the Five for Five Challenge. The #Five4Five Challenge is an initiative created by fellow educator and author Michael Matera (eXPlore like a Pirate) who encourages others to commit to doing one new-to-you (often creative) endeavor each day for five straight days. This isn’t my first #Five4Five Challenge. I did my first one this past summer when I reviewed Run like a Pirate by Adam Welcome. I reviewed and blogged about Run Like a Pirate each day and how each chapter resonated or challenged me through the reading. I had never at that point ever tried to do something like that before. Sufficient to say, it was truly amazing. I picked up a new level of reading enjoyment and applying the book to not only my classroom, but also my life. The last couple of weeks, I have been trying to figure out what a Five for Five Challenge should be for me this school year and I found the answer right in Kids Deserve It, also by Adam and Todd Nelsoney and a sticker from Tisha Richmond from her upcoming book, Make Learning Magical.

In Kids Deserve It on page 32, “The Risks and Rewards of Innovation” highlights about taking risks and being innovative. I have always considered myself Innovative, after all part of my Pixel Classroom initiative this year, the I is for “Innovation”. The section also talks about how Ryan McLane lead an entire Teach like a Pirate Day and how Brad Gustafson used everything from drones to green screen to enhance learning for his students. Have I done this? Of course. However, when you look at my Settlers of Catan Day to teach the Barter System and Medium of Exchange for my Consumer Education classes. It was just that, those classes. My last class of the day that day was Introduction to Computers. Granted, we are using Edpuzzle, Google Forms and really doing more of a Flipped Classroom. However, the next day, I was back to teaching my usual routine the following Monday. Then I did something different the following Thursday for my Market Class. It really engaged my students, but an hour later it was me in front of a screen teaching the wonders of Adobe Spark, but not having the same type of engagement I know my previous classes enjoyed.

So, sitting at home while working out my upcoming Bloxels Project, I received an envelope from Tisha and it contained stickers for her coming book this Fall, Make Learning Magical. I saw her acronym for MAGICAL: Memorable Beginnings, Authenticity & Agency, Gamified Experiences, Inspiration & Innovation, Creation & Collaboration, Authentic Audience, and Legacy.  That’s when it it brought everything together. I’m doing a full #MLMagical week in all of my classes. I’m book ending (pardon the pun) with two books from the Dave Burgess Consulting Inc on each day with a secret on Friday. What am I doing with each book? That’s my secret to be revealed on each day. I’m doing a blog on each day after school has ended. That’s my other challenge, for the Five for Five. I was able to blog my review of Run like a Pirate and later, Talk to Me. However it was summer and while it can get busy, it was “easier” to do morning blogs after my runs and other summer past times. During the school year, I usually only blog in the middle of the week or on weekends.

So, this will also be part of my Five for Five Challenge is to keep blogging after each #MLMagical Day and trust me it will be a challenge. I chose this week on purpose because I have a lot going on after school each day except for Friday, but that’s the beauty of the challenge. So, it’s time to use my magical wand of learning and cast a Five for Five Challenge on myself and Go for it!

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