Dear Classroom 2018-2019

Every year for the last few years, I have written a “Dear Classroom” letter for my upcoming school year. The last couple of years I have been blessed with my own classroom. It’s a great way to reflect on your goals for your classroom in the upcoming school year. Here is this year’s letter:

Dear Pixel Classroom,

That’s right, I have given you a name this year. Can you believe this is our second year together? Seems just like yesterday I was stepping right into a new chapter in both of our lives and now here we are about to start our exciting second year. I have decided to name you the “Pixel Classroom” because we will bring: Passion, Innovation, X-Factor, Enthusiasm and Listening with our students this year. So much has changed, you are now organized in a new way. Gone are ruffled papers, post-its that seem to fall all over the place. You sport the needed tools for students not only at their desks, but all around. You no longer have just two words of inspiration from Michael Jordan and Mark Cuban. You now house inspiring pieces from Tara Martin, Kids Deserve It and many crafts of pixel art.

You might notice that you also have a green screen area. A place where creativity can flourish on all days. From teaching students how to market to creating grand adventures and business commercials. The back office is no longer a back office, it is now a place of Student Voice with your own Flipgrid Recording Student. A great place where students can be heard, reflect and create amazing projects. Your project has been upgraded and our 3D printers are now front and center and ready to dive into maker spaces and lead to even more amazing Project Based Learning. You might also know Pixel Classroom, you have a new friend up front. Yes, that’s your own pixel board, a full summer project that is now ready for you to leave with questions of the day, maker ideas and using the Launch Cycle for many of our classes.

Your assignment board is now a full Pineapple Student Chart. Yep, that’s right, it not only brings up what we will be learning day, but also give other classes changes to explore technology and business instead of being confined to just once classroom. It is a work in progress, but I believe together with our students we will make it into something truly special. Yes, I did add some more Room Transformations to our list for all classes and added an Unlock the Magic to our teacher desk. We have some amazing new XP leader boards and plenty of gamefication that will not only keep our students guessing, but also wanting to believe to achieve.

We know there will tough times, we are trying so much new stuff from Pear Deck to on the spot projects with our Marketing and upcoming Entrepreneurship class. As we learned last year, things don’t always go as plan, but as both know we can achieve great things. So, Pixel Classroom we have much work ahead of us, but we are heading into an exciting time. Let’s go classroom of 2018-2019, it’s going to be an amazing year.

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