Smashboard EDU Kaboom

Since 2014 I have been smashing Apps and other resources for my students and my co-workers. Leading to the creation of App Dice and inspiring many classrooms and teachers for student choice and creation. In the last couple of years, Dee Lanier has taken the use of App Smashing to the next level with Smashboard EDU. Smashboard combines the incredible use of App Smashes and DOK into incredible learning for both students and teachers. In the past month I have been taking the Smashboard and combining it with some gamification and eXPlore like a Pirate ideas and I came up with a Smashboard version of Kaboom.

For those who don’t know, Kaboom is a game where a set of words, equations, questions, etc are written on Popsicle sticks. They are placed in a container and a student usually pulls them out one at a time and reads what is on the Popsicle stick and if their opponent answers the question correctly, they keep the stick and earn a point (points can range from 1-5 depending on your point system). If the student on their turn pulls out the stick that says: “Kaboom” they first have to say it and then place all their sticks back in the container. The opposing player who didn’t get the Kaboom place their sticks in a “safe zone” like a zip lock bag and total up their score. Those sticks are not removed from play. Both players continue until all sticks are used up or time runs out for their game of Kaboom. The player with the most points wins.

Here is how you play Smashboard EDU Kaboom:
1. Write your apps on Popsicle sticks.
2. Make some *KABOOM* sticks (Make up to 4)
3. Put all the sticks in the container.
4. Have students take turns choosing 1 stick out of the container. When they pull out the stick with the app. They must answer what type of creativity app it is. Which range from: writing, photo, audio, silly, audio. If they answer what type of App it is correctly, they keep their stick, if they say it incorrectly, they put it back in the container.
5. If a student picks a *KABOOM* stick, they put all their sticks back! (They have to shout KABOOM)
6. The player who didn’t get Kaboom take the sticks they have and place it in their Smashboard EDU bag and then head back to their seat and begin their App Smash using their Popsicle Sticks they have kept and the rest of the Smashboard EDU creativity questions for their lesson.
  Now, don’t feel the player who didn’t win Kaboom is out of the creativity process. They then play the regular Smashboard EDU card game to create their project with the cards they draw. This is to put a different spin on Smashboard EDU letting students go beyond their usual creativity comfort zones. Imagine what a student could create if they have 6 Popsicle sticks that have 6 different creativity Apps? What if they just have 2? It’s a great way to not only give students creativity choice, but also work with the resources they have to create something amazing. You can pick up all the supplies you need for Kaboom at your local dollar store and spend no more than $3. Go the next level and do a room transformation and transform your classroom into the Price is Right using various versions of this and Smashboard on a lesson in Greek Mythology, Coding and more. Give it a try today.

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