Color Code Domino Math

Since the last six months have been on and off on my blog, I decided to wrap up 2017 with a post using one of my favorite two things. Coding and Robotics. As many of you know I started the #RobotEDU hashtag earlier this year. As I talked about how to use various robots in education from Wonder Workshop to Ozobots. My son and his friends, who are all like extended family to us love coming over and programming out robots from BB-8 to our two Ozobot Evos. My son and one of his friends are great at math, but a few of his other friends are ok, but can program like no one’s business. So, I created this fun lesson using Google Math and Programming.

  1. IMG_2706My son and his friends love to use dominoes and matching colors helps when they want to add, subtract or multiply. So, using color dominoes, the kiddos set up colors based on the numbers.
    1. One = Blue
    2. Two = Yellow
    3. Three = Green
    4. Ect.

2.fullsizerender-9 From there, they set up a maze of dominoes with the pips facing out. From there, students start adding/subtracting/multiplying the numbers together and see what colors are for those numbers. They then code the robots to not only move through the maze’s twists and turns but also change to the color to reflect those numbers as they move through those parts of the maze. To take it to another level, take the colors that make up the pips and then mix them together. What colors do they make? Have the robot change to those colors, Spheros and Ozobots are the best for this. However, thanks to Dash and Cue from Wonder Workshop, their LED lights change perfectly.

  1. Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 6.30.38 PMOnce you have set up the code and programmed your robots to move through the domino maze. Put the numbers on a spreadsheet and have students learn basic charting with the spreadsheet. What were the most common colors? What were the least common?
  2. For final fun, have the students do… you guess it. Make pixel art from the colors. What objects can they make from the most common colors? From the least amount? See what they can create.


Have fun.


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