No internet on Google Chrome? No Problem! 10 ideas for T-rex Game

We have all faced it. We are just going along doing out work on Google Chrome when it happens… the internet goes down! Can be so many reasons: bad connectivity, sever reboot, maintenance or maybe you are trying to upload too many files to the cloud. The T-rex Game has been a favorite pixel game to play while you are waiting for your internet to reconnect or just want to see how far you can go in the game. I have actually found Ten ideas you can use the T-rex game in the classroom using a few chapters from Table Talk Math, Explore like a Pirate and Instant Relevance.

  1. The first is go head and play the game. Have students take turns trying to beat each other scores. Make a Leader board of the top 3 players and do a T-rex Jump championship for some Candy.
  2. Get your pencils and papers handy and start ready to graph. That’s right, have student use their mobile devices (that don’t need internet to always work) and take a snapshot of the T-rex making his jump. Use an annotation app like: Adobe Illustrator Draw, Educreations or Pic Collage and have students try to figure out the angle the T-rex jumped in order to clear the cacti or the pterodactyl.
  3. Get your statistics ready, how many times did Player 1 make before the game ended? How many times to did Player 2, 3, 4, ect have before they hit something and ended game play? Chart it, find the ratio and what the median score was.
  4. A favorite of mine, I have students get out our Makey Makey and Makey Makey Go and create their own game controller. Instead of spending time hitting the space or Up arrow key to jump or Down arrow key to duck. Create a game controller from a coin, Popsicle stick or anything their imagination can come up with and play T-rex Jump. See who can create the most inventive controller, journal it.
  5. Use Flipgrid, have students record their plays and then challenge another student to beat their score and give a reflection on their game play.
  6. Get outside and create your own T-rex Jump Live Game. Set up obstacles for students to recreate the game and play. How inventive can you get? Use it as a type of Run like a Pirate timing trial. How many jumps can you do in 1 minute? How many in 2? As Alice Keeler says: “Use a Spreadsheet.”
  7. Take out the Robotics and create your own T-Rex Jump using Spheros, Ozobots or drones. Can your students code and program your robots to avoid obstacles and make jumps in time?
  8. Have students make their own version of T-rex Jump using Google Slides in an non-transition animation. Have students create their T-rex or related character and create a digital report. Have them duplicate slides one at a time to simulate the T-rex Jump and have captions appear as the presentation plays. Great way for students to dissect just how the game works in animation form.
  9. Get out Maps, if a T-rex was really jumping in the desert where would it be? Have students create a report on the deserts of the world and what it would mean if T-rex Jump was real.
  10. Genius Hour, the T-rex is jumping to avoid things and getting points through it. How could he keep going? What are health tips he could use? How could you make your own? Let your students go wild.


These are 10 ideas you can use T-rex Jump for and a great way to use your classroom time when the internet goes down.


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