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The last week, I have seen some amazing accomplishments happened. After seven years, I was able to get my full state licensure in teaching. I completed my Google Educator Level 1 Certificate and my sunflowers just bloomed for the first time. The first two are long time accomplishments, but it is the sunflower that is the real story.

Three years ago, during a terrible storm, a friend of ours house was struck by lighting about a few blocks down. The lightning strike hit their garage and started a fire and soon destroyed the entire house. Our friends were luckily on a trip and were not home when the fire happened and their cat was able to get out of the house during the blaze. One of the few things that survived the fire was a sunflower that had just sprouted from the oldest daughter’s garden. With the house destroyed and rebuilding was going to take about a year. The gave the sunflower to us. I planted it in our backyard and within a month, it sprouted into several other sunflowers and continued to bloom the rest of the summer. Following it’s wilting in the early fall, I saved a few of it’s seeds and added it with next year’s pack of seeds. The last two years the sunflowers have sprouted by our house with a mix of old and new. The story of the sunflowers isn’t too far from any of us trying to move on from tragic or disappointing events.

In the last three years since that first sunflower made it to our house, my family has had to face hard times too. From unemployment to health issues, we have had to face hard times, yet every year find a way to overcome obstacles and bloom again. As educators, we always face hard times both professionally and personally, and while the odds seem against us, we find a way to overcome them and prevail. Every year we face new challenges from new students to new positions. We have to remember to believe in ourselves and face our problems head on and when we find ways to overcome those problems, we grow and bloom into new times of success. The trick is not to be discouraged no matter how long it takes. Sometimes it takes hours and sometimes it takes years to overcome obstacles and find success in what we do. We have to remember to not give up and take our time because in the end, it turns into something very beautiful.


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