Super Sons EDU

I’ve been asked for years now: “Ryan, when are you going to make a super hero fan page again?” For those who don’t know the story, it was 1996, I was a freshman at Northern Illinois University and I had just been given constant access to the internet. To a kid of 18, this was a wide new world to me, but I did something that was very new at the time, I made a comic book fan page. In 1996, there were maybe just over 80 pages of comic book fans creating their own webpages, early wikis and message boards on their favorite characters. I didn’t have any classes to go to or was signed up at the time (I was a theatre and business major). So, I had to learn everything about HTML and basic coding myself. Flash forward to late 1997, and I had one of the most visited Thunderbolts fan sites around. I continued focusing on Spider-Girl (MC2) and Thunderbolts up until 2006 and then I shifted over to podcasting and my new blog, The Green Lantern Spotlight. Then in 2010 something happened. I lost my job. I decided to stop “wasting” my time as I was told constantly told and try and get a job and finish my master’s degree.  Something I regretted to this day.

Things got so bad and living with my in-laws with a baby on the way, I sold off all my beloved comics and trade paperbacks to pay bills and my other collectibles and in 2015 after being told my current job as the technology facilitator for the school I had been at for almost four years was being cut, I decided to give up comics completely. In fact I was so hurt and in such a bad situation, I gave up collectibles all together and fell into a depression until early 2016. What changed? It was not just one thing, it was several that made me realize, I could use my enjoyment of simple things like crafts, comics and gardening that made me realized that giving everything up wasn’t the answer. So, I went back to collecting and reading again and using that to inspiring my teaching and projects for my students and to an extent, my dissertation work.

Then in late 2016 something happened, they were launching a new Super Sons comic book starring the sons of Superman and Batman and I decided to pick up the story and you know what I saw? I saw two young students being mentored with the basics of life and learning and how they used it to grow and understand and I realized I had my answer. Going through various CC, safe searches and creating my own images. I decided to create a Super Sons EDU website. An Educational Website through GSuite that brings the classroom learning into a relatable and fun website. While still new, I have decided to focus on a passion of mine (STEAM) with the various Teach Like a Pirate, PBL and social learning into this website. I intend to bring something new every week for teachers and students to experience the fun and magic of education. Check out the Super Sons EDU page and let the Adventure Begin!


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