The Dot Zipline


A few weeks ago, I had my Dash and Dot Coding for Kinders Donors Choose funded. Bringing the lovable blue robots to my students. Something I had a lot of students asked about Dot was why he didn’t move like Dash did. I told them because you have to be more creative with Dot. When asked: “how?” I brought a paper of Dot to them and then told them we need to put Dot on a zipline and we were going to use LEGOs to create the zip line. My students’ eyes lit up like no tomorrow and they started drawing their zip lines. Taking a page from Classroom Chef we created our own Dot Zip Line.

  1. Have students design their own zip line using the Dot template. (This version was used for K-2nd graders). For older students, have them design more stream line designs and give them a range to travel from 3ft to 10 ft. I usually use a string of yarn.
  2. Have students use the Brick Holders from Wonder Workshop and then have them start building their LEGO zip lines for Dot.
  3. Using the Block app, add some code for how Dot should react when he starts moving down the zip line.
  4. Finally, attach one end of the yarn to a base and then get ready to see Dot fly from one end to the other. If the LEGO zip line breaks, have students try to figure out why their zip line broke and have them rebuild. (I use pillows for Dot to be on the safe side).
  5. Finally have students record how far Dot went each time and then mark Dot’s length record. For older students, find the average for each distance.

A fun way to use Robots, Coding, Math and Play like a Pirate. Give i a try.


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