Students making their own Number Frames

The last couple of weeks, I have been having one word on my brain. No, it isn’t dissertation, even though that is requires a lot of thinking in my case. It’s been Math, in fact I have had so much Math on my brain lately, I have been ordering books like: Table Talk Math and Google Math. After all, when you talk STEM, STEAM and STREAM, the M stands for Mathematics. I’ll give everyone a little confession, I was that kid who heard the “M Word” and would just shutter. Yet, now here I am promoting mathematics constantly with students from basics to slope. If my old Freshman Math Teacher could see me now. He be either very proud of me or very frighten. So, I’ve decided to kick off the month of May with, you guessed it, MATH!

A few days ago, I was reading Alice Keeler’s website about making your own Dragables. As much as I love Alice’s work, I was thinking about how students love to make their own artwork to use. Recently, a new free art program known as Autodraw has appeared. I have been having students use Autodraw to create everything from clipart to Coat of Arms. Using Autodraw, I created a simple drawing and then had AutoDraw turn it into visible clipart I could customize with just a few clicks. Now, while I use a Mac and use InstaAlpha to give it a clear background. Students can use the various crop features in Google Slides or Drawings to create their own Dragable for Number Frames.


autodraw 4-30-2017
Kangaroom made with Autodraw

Simply insert your new Dragable Clipart into a Google Slides template. Use Control + D to perfectly duplicate your Clipart and then create and insert a table for your own Number Fame. I have found that students are more motivated to use number frames when they can create their own. Students can simple drag their clipart into the number frames and then use Math Anywhere for their equations. This is a simple and fun way to use some STEAM in your Google Math.  Give it a try with your students today.


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