MMm… Pizza Math

Hello Everyone,

As I said, for the month of May I am bringing Math to everyone in fun and exciting ways thanks to books like: Table Talk Math, Classroom Chef, Teaching Math with Google Apps and more. This one comes straight out of Google Math, Instant Relevance and even Play like a Pirate. How may you ask? Let’s find out.

Using Google Sheets you can use a grid in several different ways. As you know, Alice Keeler created a great Pixel Art Template using Google Sheets. Students can create their own picture and estimate the percentages of the colors they use. After estimating, the students can use the cell referencing to calculate each percentage and then explain how the results make sense. Now, while you can use any image that a student finds in a clipart search or even making their own in Google Drawings or Auto Draw. I took a page out of Denis Sheeran about why his students care about their lunch. On page 8 Denis talked about his student graphing their lunches using However, instead of taking picture of my own lunch or their lunches. I thought about trying it this way:

  1. I have a Pizza Planet paper plates from Toy Story. I bring in a pizza and then have students grab two slices that I have cut (not equally) and have them place it on the plates.
  2. They take a snapshot of the pizza slices and put it into Google Sheets. Once they have it centered in their Google Sheets. They then use the pixel art template colors to measure the length and width of the pizza slices and then put in the correct color of squares.
  3. This is where it gets interesting, have students then determine the width and length of the plate. Most likely they will all get the same measurement for it and then have them build a Pixel Art Design from the number of squares and see what they get. Here is an example:Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 6.30.38 PMSimple but effective. It’s a great way to use the M in STEAM and make it relevant to  student learning.

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