LEGO Brick Headz as a Biography

BlockHeadz Template

As many of you know, since 2014 I have been Teaching like a Pirate and in just three years I have expanded my collection with all the various books from the Burgess Consulting Company. However, the two I have been using a a lot over the last year have been: eXPlore like a Pirate and Play like a Pirate. The last few months I have been incorporating both into my STEAM Enrichment classes and my students can’t get enough. A couple of weeks ago I was in the LEGO Store and I came across their Brick Headz sets.

Similar to Funko POP!, the LEGO Brick Headz are large block head version of your favorite characters from Batman to, yes! Captain Jack Sparrow. These sets are very, very new and are slowly expanding. Quinn Rollins explained in both Play Like a Pirate and even on his blog this past October, about  having students design Brick Headz figures as simple biographies of characters they’re learning about in class. These can be historic figures, great inventors, politicians, animals and even characters in novels — anything in your school curriculum. There isn’t a lot of research required for the LEGO Brick Headz figures as with Quinn’s action figure strategy, and LEGO Brick Headz can be stylized and simplified enough that even young students can design characters they will be proud of. Of course, being a STEAM and Technology Teacher, I wanted students to be able to do the same using Google Drawings on their Chromebooks. Check the video below:

If you would like a copy for your students to use, go ahead and click on this Link and make a copy. You can also download a PDF Copy. Enjoy

Student Example

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