Writing about what is Important to You


Hello Everyone,

If you have noticed the last few weeks, I have not completed an entry on my blog here. I was asked online why I hadn’t posted at least a quick App review. I told them it was a time factor and I didn’t just want to do just a post for the sake of having  a post. Just recently, I was reading Lead like a Pirate (yeah, another pirate book). Something that both Shelly and Beth mentioned was about sharing what you do in the classroom with the outside world. Creating something that wants your teachers and your students to want to beat down the doors to get into your classroom or school. In the last five years I have been writing here on Dice UP the Classroom, I have hoped I have been making those types of posts. Something I always love writing about on this blog is lessons that I can share with other teachers both pre and in-service and administrators who can use my posts to help bring something awesome to their students and staff.

Attending so many Edcamps the last few years I know that it takes just a little bit of inspiration to start something in your classroom. I know I didn’t get excited for using Ozobots or Dash and Dot if I had not read some amazing tweets on Twitter and then saw them first hand at an Edcamp. I would have never thought of using Donors Choose to help my students get tools and items that would take their learning to the next level if it wasn’t for showing me how it works (and sometimes how it doesn’t work). Or just a few kind words from someone saying: “It will be all right.” What we write is a very powerful tool, but when we write about something we love to do. That becomes an inspiration that can fuel others to find what they truly care about and make it into something they can truly share and make a difference in learning.

So, write about what you care about, don’t do it just for the sake of filling in an empty slot. Do it for inspiration and do it because it’s what you want to write about.


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