Booksnaps and Funko Pop!


For those who don’t know, Tara Martin a few months ago started Booksnaps. The idea of #BookSnaps was by documenting key takeaways between face-to-face meetings and adding them to our “Snap Story” for daily viewing using Snapchat or related apps. This allows the reader to connect an idea or thought by creating a digital visual representation. The visual representation solidifies the text content within the mind and signals the brain to retrieve the idea from memory. Something I have been doing since Booksnaps was publically revealed and I have been trying to do various Booksnaps with my students using Seesaw. Going back about another month before that, Quinn Rollins, Mr. Play like a Pirate himself, talked about using Funko Pop! for biographies. The idea behind Funko Pop! figures are creating  simple biographies of characters they’re learning about in class. Historic figures, great inventors, characters in novels — anything in your curriculum that has a human in it. 

Back in January, my mother was diagnosed with 2x stage breast cancer and just a few weeks later, I learned my Aunt was also diagnosed with breast cancer and my cousin was also beginning chemo treatments for a type of cancer. As a result, I decided to pick up the trades for the current The Mighty Thor from Marvel Comics. Those who are not familiar with this version of Thor. Jane Foster, long time cast member of the various Thor series and played by Natalie Portman in the film series is diagnosed with breast cancer. Deciding to choose treatments, things take a shocking turn when Thor loses his hammer from becoming unworthy and suffers the lost of his left hand from a battle with Malekith, the dark elf. Who seeing Thor no longer in his way forms a dark council from both Thor and Asgard’s greatest enemies. Needing someone worthy, Thor’s mother chooses Jane Foster to become a new Thor, but there is a catch. Every time she transforms into Thor, her chemo and other cancer treatments are flushed from her body when she transformers into the new goddess of thunder. Leaving her human form to suffer from her cancer every time she changes back, but knowing only Thor can start Malekith and his Dark Council, she decides to continue on as Thor knowing that not only Earth is perail, but countless worlds as well.

img_7096 As I was reading the trades, I started doing Booksnaps from the book and as a result, I started creating questions from them. I am currently using Funko POP! biographies with my students, and some of them wanted to start creating characters that were from well known mythology and historical figures. So, I decided to marry the two together and create Booksnap Funko POP! Biographies. Creating Booksnap Funko POPs! are not difficult.

1.Using various graphic novels (they don’t have to be comics), have students take Booksnaps like they usually would. Have students point out main ideas or general questions on those pages. Have them associate with real world questions and ideas.

2. img_7100Teachers can also take Booksnaps of various characters and ask students to ask and analyze and create Funko POP! biographies of characters who relate or are associated with their snaps. As I started using Snapchat more and more for my graphic novel questions and lesson plan ideas. The more the questions started coming to me that would engage my students.


Below are some more examples using Booksnaps and Funko POP! together. Try it out with your students and remember you don’t have to always use trade paper backs, there are hundreds of graphic novels from Treasure Island to Pride and Prejudice that would work perfectly with your students. From classic literature to science. Give it a try today.


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