Ozobot Coding Cards


Since starting Robot Edu, I have been trying to think of new and inventive ways to use gamification and centers with our various robots for our students. A week ago, my instructional coach, Joe Sloan and I came up with using coding cards for our students to use with Ozobots. The concept works pretty simply:

  1. img_6899Either print on cardstock or drawing on note cards. create a set of 10-12 cards that have basic line code for the Ozobots to run on. Keep a set of five cards with different levels of code on them (Mark them with a color sticker or dot on the back).
  2. img_6900Have students arrange the lines of code like a puzzle on their desks. For best results make sure the cards are on a solid white surface and have the cards laminated or use a small binder clip so the Ozobot doesn’t move the cards as it switches from spot to spot.
  3. img_6898To throw a big of a curve for students, I add in one or two Wild Code Cards to the sets after they have mastered their sets. The Wild Code Cards have various codes on them like backwalk, zigzag, tornado or U-turn. This lets students use a little bit of PBL to get their card tracks to work with the code. If they get a U-turn, they know they have to place it at the end of the track to get the Ozobot to turn around.
  4. img_6874You can go another step farther by using Heart Works with the Code Cards and have students create sentences with the tracks using their Heart Words. Just add a small velcro strip to the edge of each card that can have the words interchanged each time.



This is a great way to introduce coding and gamification into your classroom with Ozobots. Give it a try today.


5 thoughts on “Ozobot Coding Cards

  1. Love this idea. Going to try it with my Coding/Robotics elective!

    Thought on keeping the cards together: rather than binder clips a strip of painters tape sticky side up that is taped down to the surface. It should add easy reposition-ability to the cards. I will have to give it a shot when I try this.


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