Perler Bead STREAM jars


A few days ago, I was on my Perler Beads Facebook and a member, Juan Diaz came up with this fantastic idea of making a Link from The Legend of Zelda raising a heart with mini perler beads and then place them in a jar for display. So many of us just loved the idea, and of course I knew I had to come up with a great way to use this idea in the classroom.

  1. img_6753Mini Perler Beads are very small versions of the Hamma or Perler Beads I have mentioned or shown in my various blog posts and social media shares. They are very small, while there are tweezers that you can buy with the beads. I found out an unrolled paperclip works the best. Great idea is to create a story idea for your jar. The one featured was one my son came up with on Staryu and Starmi from Pokemon eating new berries in the water.
  2. Once you have created the characters for your story. Add in water beads, which if you don’t know are small gel capsules that people use to keep plants watered. You fill a mason or small jar with about 95% of the water gels. Then add water until you can no longer see the gels and it looks like a regular jar of water. Place your Perler Bead creations in the water and then screw on the lid and tap or shake it a few times to get bubbles out. Of course being water scenes with Mario and Staryu, we loved the bubble for added effect. You can even add food coloring to change the water and if you are really innovative add a fairy LED top or small LED light to make it glow.
  3. img_6757Once you have made your jars, take a snapshot and add the picture to a HyperDoc and create your story with interactive links that have videos, facts or even quizzes in them.
  4. For an add bit of fun, use an AR app to insert a presentation you make using green screen or other related AR tools.

This is a great way to create and be innovative with your next science, social studies or STREAM report. Give it a try.

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