How Chumbawamba -Tubthumping ended up on my playlist

I was talking to the Dunk Tank team of Rebecca Coda and Rick Jetter the other day about music. Rebecca brought up that it was time for Chumbawamba -Tubthumping  for resilience and I told her it was a funny story how that ended up on my playlist. Well, Rebecca said that would make an interesting blog post and well… here it is.

It was 2007 and life was going pretty good for me, my debt was very small, I was engaged to get married in a year. I was working a very respectful job in healthcare and things were looking up. My fiance at the time had updated our iTunes list with some of her CDs and downloads and we were talking about how life was down at times, but we could always get back up. That song played many times during our video game parties, nights around the house and so forth. Head to early 2008 and everything came crashing down. We broke off our engagement, my job folded and I had to return to the one I had left (I escaped that dunk tank almost a year earlier) only to be thrown back in. I was left with over $8K in debt and I ended up selling off majority of my comic collection, which started the Daredevil curse as I have put it for the next nine years. I was put in the other kind of dunk tank, trying to escape what felt like a divorce and being kicked and also dunked a few more times from the span of almost five months.

I also made the mistake of not taking a well needed trip away from it all to Maine my one uncle said he be more than happy to let me take free of charge. Sadly, I didn’t take it, instead deciding to pour myself into community theatre, summer movies and many hours watching the Chicago Cubs. Then during the week I originally was suppose to get married one September day, I heard that song on the radio, repeatedly and I started singing to it. I said to myself I was going to get back up and find away out again. That same week, I met the woman who would eventually become my wife. However, there wasn’t a riding into the sunset afterwards. Oh no, I would later face: unemployment, living with my in-laws, depression, trying to complete an advance degree while raising a son and being ridiculed and torn down every which way with: “You don’t know how the world works.” Yet, as much as I was knocked down, I got back up. While my playlist on my iTunes changes every few months, this song still stays intact on my iPhone wherever I go and when I hear it on the radio, I turn it up.

Many times we get knocked down and sadly way, way into the deep end. As many of you know who see me on Twitter and Facebook and even Snapchat. There are some dark days where I need some coffee, a good teacher book, time with my family and darn good comic book later on. I find a way even through the darkest days and now, as I face my mother’s cancer and seeing myself constantly struggle with finances and completing my PhD. I have to remind myself that no matter how much I get down. I can still dance the night away and get back up. So can you.


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