The Classroom Friend

If you are like me or other educators, you know that classroom management can some days be a struggle. No matter how many years you have been teaching or administrating, it just seems that there can be a lost in the classroom when it comes to work stations or behavior. As many of us know, there has been quite the influx of Elf on Shelf and even Mensch on a Bench. The basic concept for the characters is they appear in a different spot each day and children can’t touch or move them. The idea came to me late last year with my own son during Elf on a Shelf. We had our Elf showing up in areas that he had a problem of getting into. Our Elf (Elfy) would show up in spots around the house where he shouldn’t be doing, it worked great.

This semester, I have starting using my Angry Birds I picked up from a garage sale last summer. Enter in Red, Chuck and Blue. When Chuck is in a spot, he wants students to not enter that area. He is also sitting on a write up or rules form when it does. During STEAM class, there are areas that I don’t want students to be during class to avoid distractions or ignoring lessons. I explain that Chuck is having a bad day and he wants his cool off time and we have to respect him just like we would a classmate who is having a problem those days. If Chuck is moved or bothered, the rules are followed and there is a consequence. The students respect where Chuck is greatly. I use Red for areas that are not to be used, as Red is planning. However, I use Blue or Lola to be areas that can be used all the time and if we are using images or Seesaw, They have to be included in the story (great for STREAM and STREAMS).

I have used it recently with Middle School with my Snoopy Joe Cool Perler Beads. Pretty much Joe Cools stays by the Perler Bead area during the project and if there are any mixed beads. They have to be sorted by the time students leave. If there are mixed beads by Snoopy and Woodstock by the end of the lesson. Students stay after until beads are sorted. This is an old school classroom management, it teaches respect to property, other students and tools. It doesn’t have to be a well known character, you can use classic dolls, cars and more for it. Try it out today.


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