Digital Valentine’s


As January comes to a close, we start looking ahead towards that 14th day of February, Valentine’s Day. For years, students and teachers have made Valentine Cards from paper to stickers. In the last few years, thanks to various mobile technology, classrooms have started creating Valentine Cards with video and various mobile Apps. Why not? Using tech to create something from the heart let’s students discover their creativity and innovation in new ways. Here are three ways to bring the love of creation to your classroom this February.

I’m currently teaching STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering, art & mathematics) to my students. Three of the tools we have been using constantly are: Seesaw, Pic Collage for Kids and Shadow Puppet Edu. All three can be used together for an awesome, Valentine’s App Smash or by themselves.

  1. Pic Collage for Kids is able to create any type of design or use CC images by a simple tap of the + button or anywhere on the screen. Students can create cards about themselves using various stickers, backgrounds and images. If you use premium features (they cost money) you can unlock even more features in Pic Collage. Students can even import gifs and videos into their collage (limit is 30). It really gives students creativity over their Valentine’s Cards and they can printed, uploaded or shared between devices.
  2. Shadow Puppet Edu is a great presentation App, it allows a person to not only create a fun slide show, but can also add music, animated text and record voice with a few taps of the screen. You can have students create animated stories using story boards created in Pic Collage or do a simple animated musical card saying: “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Just like Pic Collage for Kids, the finished Shadow Puppet Edus can be shared between devices no problem.
  3. Seesaw is a fantastic digital portfolio for a digital classroom on either IOS, Android, Chrome OS or Kindle. Students can upload their finished digital cards from the previous two apps and can be shared to their parents who have signed up for Seesaw or with the teacher with a simple upload. However, it doesn’t have to end there. Seesaw can be used on it’s own to create a Valentine’s story. Using the voice feature, students can narrate a simple: “Happy Valentine’s Day” from a picture of their choosing, or digital draw a card or story while recording using the drawing and text tools of Seesaw. It’s a great way for students to create and share their cards.


These are just a few simple ways to have your students create and share this Valentine’s Day. Give it a try today.


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