STEAM your Robots and Green Screen

Winter break has come to an end, as many educators, students and myself return to the classroom this week. We are ready to try out new lessons, ideas and projects for the New Year. As many of you know, I have been trying to bring Dash & Dot to my Kindergarteners . I am also planning on introducing my students to Green Screen in the fourth quarter and even working on a Donors Choose to get a full Green Screen/Podcast Studio for my classrooms. However, while I wait to see if my Donors Chooses get funded or not. There are some easy ways to bring STEAM with Green Screen and Robot Edu.

imagesThe most simple way is using LEGOs. Yep, with LEGOs you can not only build structures for your robots from Dash and Dot to Ozobots, but you can use the green ones to make Green Screen Walls. Make sure all your LEGOs are the same type of blue, green or white. Then using a Chroma Key Application from Doink Green Screen to Touchcast or iMovie. You can superimpose your characters in an array of settings. Have Dash and Dot play to a concert at the Grand Olde Opera. How about Ozobots go on a search and rescue mission. Have it look like Spheros are really in a bowling Alley? So many ways to do this.

urlAs many have seen over the last couple years with my vidcasts. I have used Green Screen for my tutorials. You can do the same with your Robots with students creating their own vidcasts and movies. Record students doing a coding or STEAM lesson or project. Then have them get in front of a green screen and explain how they did it and why. After your scenes are recorded, just add in the videos and post them on their own blog or teacher website for tutorials.

Try these out today and see what your students can create.



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