fullsizerender-9  In the last month, I, along with many other educators have been participating in Booksnaps. For those who don’t know, Booksnaps was started by Tara Martin. Have students or staff make their learning and thinking VISIBLE by creating powerful reflections of their reading using Snapchat, Instagram, Buncee or using classroom tools like Seesaw or Google Drawings. What I love about Booksnaps as pointed out by Dave Burgess is “We immediately began snapping images of our favorite quotes and adding them to our “Snap Story” for daily viewing between face-to-face meetings.” I have just recently joined a “SnapGroup” which is a new feature that allows you to chat with a set of Snapchat users up to 15 members and we have been having a great time talking about education, projects and just having all around fun (we’re teachers after all).

I didn’t get onto Snapchat until almost two years ago when two of my coworkers were using Snapchat to send me images of tech problems occurring into their classroom through screenshots. So, I joined the Snapchat bandwagon and have been using it since. Well, thanks to Tara, I came up with a great way to use Snapchat in the classroom for Coding and Robot Edu. Here are a few ideas you can use from Ozobot to Tickle App.

bb-8-windows-10-mobile-heroI had one of my vice principals do this as a type of storyboard using Snapchat. She took some videos of students doing a type of: “Choose your own Adventure” and students had to create the rest of the story depending on what hallway or door they went through. Well, this works great with using Sphero or Parrot Drones. Using Tickle or Sphero SPRK Lab with your Spheros or Ollies or BB-8 (I love that droid). Have students work in pairs, have them code their bot to perform a task, but then have them try to figure out the next move. A beginning lesson would be finishing a code that would complete a square shape and change from red to green. The Snap has the robot doing about half the code, it’s up to students to complete the code and finish the square and color. Then when they complete the task, show them the next Snap revealing the answer.

img_5556  A fun what that my son and I came up with the other day was using Dash and Dot with the launcher and LEGO mini figures. Tyler and I have been playing with his DC Comics junior sets he had received from his aunts this Christmas. We set up that Lex Luthor had created a fusion reactor and three key spots had to be stopped before the rector (dot) activated. Superman and Batman have Dash, but how do they stop Dot from going nuclear? While Dash and Dot are used in grades PK-4 usually. Students can use Seesaw to plan their strategy to get Dash to use the launcher to knock out the three targets and then complete the story.

img_5803For Ozobots, especially Evos, you can do an introduction for coding using Snapchat and then save the Snaps and put them into Shadow Puppet Edu or Buncee. Put your Ozobot on a blank sheet of paper. Then using the drawing tool, make the path and then type in a clue on what is needed for the Ozobot to speed past another Ozobot or avoid an object to keep it from stopping dead in its tracks (Since Evos have sensors). Another great way is to get input from students on coding an Ozobot. Have them do a Snap of a sheet and then draw in the codes with the drawing tool and have them send it to another student to create it physically. This is a great share activity.

img_5804 Finally, I was able to get a Miposaur this break that was on after Christmas and have been slowly getting the handle of the Robot Dino (Yes, that’s a Transformers; Reference). I thought it be great to have a student code Miposaur doing something and have other students Snap them in action and create a story from it. If your Miposaur is dancing, what is he dancing to? Is it at a wedding? At a concert? Maybe just home on a Friday night and having fun. How about a Miposaur in a battle. What is it battling? So many ways you can do this, share from Snapchat to Google Classroom. This is great for early STREAM stories (science, technology, reading, art & mathematics).

These are a few ways to use Snapchat with Robots, Coding and Literacy. Give it a Snap today.


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