Robot Breakout Edu


img_5735  The New Year is here and I’m kicking off 2017 with Robot Edu. I remember when I was my son’s age thirty years ago. Being a fan of movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, Tron, Short Circuit and more. I wanted to have robots in my school and at home, but back in the 80s and early 90s. Robots were not very cheap not to mention, you could get a few months out of them and they didn’t last long. Now, robots and coding are very common in the classroom. In fact, outside of 3D printing, robots in the classroom are a growing educational learning in schools. Today, I’m going to talk about how to create a Breakout Edu with Ozobots, Dash and Dot, Sphero and the coding App, Tickle.

img_4891 Being a STEAM teacher I love taking innovation to the next level imageswith STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering, art & mathematics). Taking a page from Instant Relevance (page 30). One of the first clues I have set up for this Breakout Edu is using an Ozobot to walk the school parking lot to scale. Using basic coding colors and left and right turns. Have your Ozobot make it’s turns according the measurements. This is the clue for a Padlock on your Breakout Edu lockbox. I’ll use Denis’s book example from his driveway, the Ozobot moves to 15, 24 and finally to 22. Hence the code is 15, 24, 22.


fullsizerender-7This last week, an opportunity landed for my family and we were able to purchase a Dash robot (hopefully Dot by Easter). My son and I have 10516ea5-c416-4c86-aa6c-df6373f563dc_600been coding up a storm and having a ball (literally). So, I got a great idea for using Dash with a Directional Lock. Using Blocky, code a Dash to move in a direction, in my case I have him turn and move left first. Then turns 180 and launches a ball with the launcher harness. Then turns right and launches the second ball and finally back to the left to launches the final ball. So the code for the Directional Lock is: left, right, down and right to open it.

open-graph-banner-with-bb8For the next lock, I use a combination (pun intended) of the Lock App by Breakout Edu, Tickle App and using a number/letter lock. First, there is an IOS device with Tickle synched to a Sphero and Ollie. When the code is urlactivated, the Sphero will change to red and make a square while the Ollie turns blue and makes a circle. After a few seconds. The Sphero will make a triangle and the Ollie will make a square. This is the code for the Locks App to pop in: square, circle, triangle and square. This unlocks the Locks App and gives a riddle for the number/letter lock: “Luke Skywalker’s New Hope Call sign”. Those who don’t know, it’s “Red 5” or on the number/letter lock: red005 or 005red.



This is just a introduction Robot Edu you can use with Breakout Edu. If you are a chromebook school, you can use Sphero SPRK Lab instead of Tickle. Give it a try this New Year and Happy Coding.



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