Finding your own Drum and not letting others quiet it

2e13d35d9624dc45bdb87c1cea23145eA few days ago, Dave Burgess was talk about Playing your Drum in 2017. Those words really hit me on Christmas of all days. I was going about doing normal family celebration since my son’s birthday is on Christmas. So, Christmas is always full double celebrations as a result. However, while I was working on capturing some memorial moments, I was getting yelled at to stop taking pictures and videos. Followed by being told to move, go back to taking pictures and video, then I had to clean up the ripped wrapping paper, when it wasn’t even my house. After everything was finished, one of my nieces turned to me and asked: “Why is everyone being so bossy to you?” I said I had no idea. I later found out, that several family members were upset about pictures I had posted a few days ago during some other family events. Saying I didn’t ask permission to post them or that I had been posting too many messages or sharing my eBay auctions too much lately and that was going to ruin my chances at new jobs in the future and to just stop sharing everything I do.

While there are more specifics let’s just say those words and everyone basically saying I don’t understand reality and human resources  really put me in a bad mood for the rest of Christmas. What’s worst, it wasn’t the first time I have been told to basically be grown up and stop doing kiddy stuff. Because don’t you want to make more money and not lose out on future jobs? Something that is really hurtful is when others think they are trying to help you and they are basically telling you to stop doing what you not only enjoy, but what you do for a living. The use of technology for education and sharing it with other teachers and administrators on the great ways to use technology in the classroom is what I love to do. I come to life when I’m using a new technology or hear about a different way to use a Sphero or how to use VR gear in the classroom.

I just come to life when I’m teaching this to students or other teachers or writing about how to use it right here on my blog or sharing on my social networks. Yet, I get family members, who think they are protecting me because I don’t understand how the employment world works. That I shouldn’t do really anything and that’s how I felt on Christmas. We give up on things we use to do on a regular basis due to a variety of factors, we spend less money because we have to pay our mortgage or something else. You make sacrifices for your family so they will have more. What becomes a problem is when you get told that you are making things worse for yourself with what you are successful at out of some weird sense that they are helping you. When they aren’t.

It becomes a real test to keep finding your drum to play, when others want to quiet you down. My plan? Keep doing what I love doing, but forgo sharing things that seem to be problems for these family members even when I share them so other family members we rarely see can see that there is happiness going on in our lives, but sadly, it isn’t viewed that way. We can find ways to do what we love and if others don’t feel the same, then it’s finding ways to still finding your drum to play best, but doing it in a way that isn’t going to kill of your passion for it. I’m still trying to figure how to do it, but I won’t let the words of a few, take away my love for what I am successful with because they don’t see it that way.


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