Going Rogue One with Coding and Robots

Greetings from a Galaxy, Far, Far Away. First of all, a major thank you to all the donors who helped my school get their 3D printer filled up with filament and Perler Beads for our students. This will go such a long way in really transforming their learning and for my teachers to have amazing creativity with their lessons. While the Force is strong with our school right now, a great set of lessons came to me while watching Rogue One the other day that you can use with coding and everything from Ozobots to LEGO We Do 2.0.

103998989-ozobot1-530x298Something that Rogue One did very well was showing a full working of the various classes and ranks within the Empire. As many of you know, since receiving our Ozobots and Ozobot Evos we have been STREAMing up a storm in the classroom. To move things in a very amazing way with your Ozobots. Create rankings with your robots.

  1. Either cut out skins or 3D print and do a marching order with the Empire’s forces. Do a set of Stormtroopers, then Special Forces (Scarif or Scout Troopers), then Imperial Officers (ensigns to Grand Admirals). Then Special Divisions (Imperial Directors, Death Troopers, TIE Pilots to Moffs). Do some basic coding and add in some turn or spin moves.
  2. After that, recreate the set up for the Death Star. Use some Ozobot Evos to make up the Emperor and Darth Vader and then the order of design and building and even destruction. This is a great way to show various classes such as: working, military and civilian designs and then how designs go from thoughts to finally being design. Great Business and Social Studies lessons.


0e550b6b521570bd4d715b7cefa53cf4Using LEGO We Do 2.0 build your own Imperial Walker but do like a car design. Have students build the original 6-Legged Republic Tanks and AT-PTs and then rebuild them into the monster AT-AT, AT-ST and AT-ACT walkers we know and love today. This shows the design process for students on how vehicles go through a long process of design, redesign and how improvements are made. You can even set up a battle using Tickle App or the main We Do Apps for coding.

open-graph-banner-with-bb8Bring on the Bots! Thanks to Sphero and Wondershop Workshop, we have the closets designs to actual Star Wars Droids. Show the various operations and have students create missions using BB-8, Dash and Dot, Miposaur or build your own with LEGO We Do 2.0. Have BB-8 make it through Starkiller Base, have Dash and Dot be R2D2 and C-3PO on adventures. Build your own K-2SO or Chopper with LEGOs and fight the Empire for the Rebellion. Go the next level and outfit them with skins and create ships and even the dreaded Death Star!

You can even recreate famous battles using Parrot Drones such as the Battle of Scarif, the Death Star Run or even the Battle of Hoth with all combine as a full class project. This teaches creativity, innovation, PBL and takes full advantage of STEM, STEAM, and STREAM. Give it a try today and May the Force Be with You.






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